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Communication Problems at Workplace (Essay Sample)

Explain Communication Problems at Workplace, consider age and gender problems, give examples to my primary field of study \\\"Advertising\\\" Use two theories "Muted Group Theory and Politeness Theory and show that I understand the theory by giving examples. Explain how each of the theories emphasises different causes of the problem and hence different ways of improving communication. Define strenghs and weaknesses > Providing the theory to the problem \\\"Communication Problems at Workplace\\\". Very Important: Use the theory to explain the problem, not the other way around. Identify what causes each theory relate to the problem, maybe suggesting solutions to solve it. Conclusion... Very important: Use 2 qualitative journal articles about Commjunication Problems at Workplace, use these articles to give examples, and reference them. Journal Article 1: http://www(dot)cornerstonestrategiesllc(dot)com/pdf/How%20to%20Solve%20Your%20Workplace%20Communication%20Problems.pdf Journal Article 2:http://www(dot)wellesley(dot)edu/Psychology/Psych/Faculty/Carli/GenderAndCommunicationAtWorkDavidsonBarnett.pdf Explain how each of the theories ((. Muted Group Theory and Politeness Theory )) emphasises different causes of the problem and hence different ways of improving communication. . Thank you very much source..

Communication problems at work
(Student’s name)
Communication problems at workplace
For business to succeed there must be good communication between employees and their managers. However, it is only by the company recognizing problems that are affecting them, that they can be able to solve and move forward and in order to solve, there must be effective communication. Individuals should be able to talk in an engaging tone in workplace to make sure that everybody takes part in the discussion (Wanguri, 1996).
Lack of proper communication among employees is a major cause of other problems in workplace. This is because, if employees are not communicating, they can not be able to interact and help each other to solve problems. Success in workplace depends on the level of interaction between employees and their managers. Communication enables the employees to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each other and lack of it leads to low productivity and lack of trust. In terms of gender, women communications are warm and moderate and men’s communication are dominant and task oriented (Carli n.d).
Advertisements are meant to communicate to the viewers or the listeners about a new product. The advert should consider the target population and the gender. Adverts which are not meant for children should be aired on late hours when children are asleep. However, the adverts for children should not be complicated to make sure that the children get the message.
Causes of communication problems and ways of improving them
Muted group theory
This theory was developed by Kramarae and his stand was on feminism. It explains patterns of communication and social representation of cultural groups that are not dominant. However, it emphasizes why some groups in society have more say than others. According to kramarae, women are seen to be emotional, apologetic and weak (Frisinger, 2009). On the other hand, women are seen to have a problem in expressing their views in the society and this is one reason why there are problems in workplaces. Kramarae maintains that men are the ones who created the language and the words that are spoken. Many people are seen to be mute in society because they did not take part in creating the language being used hence they are unable to express themselves (Wanguri, 1996).
There are three assumptions that were laid in connection to this theory. One, women have a different perception of the world from men because of the differences in their experiences and activities that have their roots in the division of labor. Two, due to dominance of men in the society, the male perception is also seen as dominant. Three, i...
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