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Communication Consultants Presentation. (Essay Sample)

Communication Consultants Presentation. - Read the following: Imagine that you are a team of communication consultants assigned with the task of helping a company executive make his team-oriented projects more efficient and effective. The current teams are working but have inefficiencies, and they are not as effective as they could be. The teams are usually given 1 to 2-week deadlines on projects, and each member must contribute equally. Each team member often has other projects he or she needs to complete individually, as well. This is an e-commerce company, and the team members are usually located in different geographically locations. The company executive is aware that several competitors have been implementing new methods of communication within their teams and have been producing high quality output in less time. The executive is eager to do the same but wants to understand how communications technologies may help their teams' issues. - Explain how new communication systems will help improve efficiency in virtual teams. source..
RUNNING HEADER: Communication Technologies For teams Communication Consultant presentation Tutor: College: Course: Date Communication consultant representation The world is continually getting more changes due to the rapid development in the information technology department and also due to globalization. Most of the work environments have to adapt to this new change in order to experience growth in the companies. There has been the need to often use the computers, the internet, and information centers. With the effect of globalization being felt by most of the industries, it has made most of the multinational corporations (MNCs) to actually employ the virtual teams (VTs).A virtual team is a group of members that work and send information through the computer –mediated communication (CMCs) without considering their geographical boundaries or even their cultural backgrounds (McGovern et al 2004). The virtual teams are usually given a week or two to be able to complete their projects but are the same time; they have their individual projects which they should also complete in a given time limit. As a communication consultant, I believe that it is common knowledge that technology is a very vital aspect that will enable virtual teams to be managed effectively. In today’s workforce virtual teams and contractors have become a norm but communication is the binding ingredient for success to be achieved. When the executive or even some of the virtual team members do not share the same geographical location, it the n becomes very important to ensure that communication lines do not break at all (Catherine et al 2002). As a technology leader, one must possess a broad Range of skills to be able to make them effective in their work .The ability to improve how the team members and other individuals interact, solve their problems, and perform very effectively, cannot be taken for granted. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work from the people who are assigned this responsibility. It requires one to have worked in one of the virtual groups to be able to lead the others...
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