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Communication Assessment Project. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Communication Assessment Project 
This project involves the application of Katie Paine’s assessment methodology, as described in her book Measure What Matters, to the assessment of ASPCA, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
1.) Description of communication vehicle or campaign and definition of communication and business objectives, including (500-700 words): 
Brief description of the communication vehicle or campaign 
2-3 well-defined communication objectives and rationale for selecting them 
Explanation of how the communication vehicle design, content and/or functionality support the objectives – include 1-2 screenshots 
2.) Audience analysis targeted by communication activity (400-700 words) 
- -size, demographics, communication preference etc. (you can find information on or other software you know)
3.) Description of internal and external benchmarks (400-700 words) 
• Internal benchmarks (the goals, trends, etc.)
- if you managed this communication activity, what indicators would you monitor?
• External benchmarks (benchmarking with 1 or 2 “competitor” organizations, research on best practices) 
- Features/functions comparison table 
- What are the best practices and how does your communication vehicle or campaign compare?
4.) Definition of key performance indicators in KPI Matrix – template will be provided (300-400 words) 
5.) Measurement tool and resulting data – select 2-3 KPIs in one category (Output or Attitudinal) to measure – decide on one measurement tool, conduct measurement, display results (400-700 words) 
6.) Interpretation of results and recommendations for improvement, including (400-700 words): 
- Interpretation of measurement results and how they help assess specific KPIs and communication objectives - What are the key patterns or trends revealed by the data?
- Recommendations for improvement based on measurement results and best practices identified in Benchmark section
Note: Reference at least 5 sources in the paper, in addition to course materials. 
Raw data tables and measurement tools like survey questions should be placed in an appendix at the end of the paper. 
As part of this project, students must design one measurement tool. If measurement data already exist, the student must consult with the instructor regarding the appropriateness of these results for the CDP. Since this is a research project, we will strictly apply the APA guidelines for documentation and citations.


The Role of Media in Advancing the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Agenda during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was founded in 1866, and is the oldest animal wellbeing association in America. It is a non-profit corporation that is privately funded with its headquarters in New York City, where it operates its veterinary hospital and adoption centre, and enforces New York City’s animal cruelty laws. On a national scale, ASPCA offers financial support and assistance to many of the regional and local human societies that are in existence in the USA (Zawistowski, 2010).
The main function of ASPCA is to prevent animals from harm. This responsibility is shown in its programs like ASPCA Missions: Orange ™, and operates to minimize unnecessary euthanasia. And it has an Animal Poison Control Centre (APCC), which is operational out of the ASPCA’s Midwest Office in Urbana, III. APSPCA is the only not-for-profit, institution that works 365 days, 24 hours and mandated to protect animals from hazardous substances by offering veterinary treatment and diagnostic recommendations to veterinary, government, company officials and pet parents. In 2007, the APCC encountered 136,000 animal mistreatment cases and poisoning cases and had to upscale their veterinary, assistant, veterinary technician, veterinary and board-certified veterinary toxicology departments (Madden, 2012). Today the company is one of the sought after by pet and companion animals lovers all over the world.
In 2007, precisely March 16, as a result of the contamination of one of the pet food ingredients from Menu Foods Limited, APSCA did a countrywide recall of the 90 cat and dog foods (Berger & Topol, 2007). Fast forward, during the commissioning of this research a lot has done that need incisive crisis communication. One other event is the launching of ASPCA Mission: Orange ™- a countrywide endeavor to reduce the number of needless pet euthanasia and establish seven no kill cities. But, 60,000 American horses are still being slaughtered annually for human consumption (Hwang, 2013) and 250,000 animals fall victim of hoarding every year. Dogs are still used in dog fighting sports, in the puppy industry, commercial dog breeders keep dogs from love (Walsh & Krienert, 2014). We also have animal hoarding, where an individual keeps too many animals that he cannot take care of, leading to neglect (Renwick, 2008).
With experts in pathology, toxicology and clinical medicine staff, together with toxicology, the organization has created a database to collect poison centre case data and identify trends. And the ASPCA is in a position to offer credible and public information and advice that is needed.

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