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Developing Relationships Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Apply some of the theories and concepts from Chapters 8 and 9 to the relationship/s of characters portrayed in one of your favorite television shows, movies, or books.
Paragraph #1: Based on social exchange theory think about how the characters balance the advantages/rewards and disadvantages/costs of their relationship. What extrinsic rewards, instrumental rewards, and/or intrinsic rewards do they gain from their relationship? What costs are involved?
Paragraph #2: Explain a scenario where the characters experience dialectical tensions due to: autonomy versus connection, openness versus closedness, or predictability versus novelty.
Paragraph #3: Describe a conflict trigger that surfaces in the characters' relationship based on: 1.) inaccurate perceptions, 3.) incompatible goals, 3.) unbalanced costs and rewards, or 4.) provocation.
Paragraph #4: Give an example of a scene where the communication climate is: 1.) defensive or 2.) supportive. Briefly explain why.


Developing Relationships
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Developing Relationships
The social exchange theory is a type of relationship where people seek to know each other through exchanging information. The people can either be blood-related or strangers; what matters is how they interact with others and balance the costs, benefits, and demerits of their interaction. In the popular American television series 'Shameless,' there is an awkward relationship between Frank Gallagher and his children. In season 1, he has a problem bonding with the fourth born son and fifth born daughter. He had lost his connection with the earlier children now; he sought to build a relationship with the youngest children. Frank was looking to divert his mind from alcohol because he wanted to win money, yet the kids were genuine in their interaction. Their objectives were mismatched, and Frank reconciling the relationship was not a priority. Lasting relationships are based on trust, and there was a lack of it in the case study (Rucinski et al., 2018). The children risked being left alone again, and their elder brother and sister warned them of a pending

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