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Buzz Marketing (Essay Sample)

A general reflection on the buzz marketing strategies, drawing from the three sources (book, article, and video). Were you aware of buzz marketing? Have you witnessed/heard of other buzz marketing strategies/campaigns? What are your thoughts on these campaigns? source..
Buzz Marketing
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Buzz marketing is a marketing strategy involving oral communication, in other word of mouth. This term has also been incorporated to explain business interactions in social media such as twitter and face book. The marketers interact with the users of the product or service, and this amplifies the marketing message. Organization could use this method positively as a form of public relations, viral marketing and also advertising on its products. Buzz marketing is a form of marketing technique, which has been known to achieving positive response.
This technique is deemed to produce positive results because of the perception that individuals are easy to work with and convince than organizations. Another advantage as Greg (2011) observes is, the possibility of these firms to follow up their buzz endeavors via the internet.
Reflection on Buzz Marketing Strategies
Studies indicate that there are more than 30 million teenagers in USA. These teenagers have a potential of commanding more than 150 billion dollars in income that is disposable. In America, teenagers are exposed to more than 3000 advertising information from different companies each day. Unlike adults who must be persuaded to buy a particular product or service, teenagers respond more quickly to products services that they find to be “cool” or fashionable according to the trendsetters of the time. Merchants of Cool is a documentary examining this aspect of businesses and organizations in finding the ever elusive “cool” and how they employ them to lure teenagers into buying the products.
This documentary is based on the assumption that “Cool” does not remain to be so once corporations find it. This means that businesses are continuously searching for new strategies, and products so as to capture the attention of their targeted market sphere. This video is also an evaluation on how reality and television life is blended together by merchants to act like a feedback sphere in pushing through a culture, which is popular among the youth. It also shows how these push by merchants have nurtured a youth culture, which consist of more violent and sexual behaviors.
Were you aware of buzz marketing?
In today’s perspective, I think many people including myself are full aware of buzz marketing, owing to the number of adverts we encounter on a daily basis. Various media such as the internet, print, television and so on, harbor information from different firms that are aimed at informing or persuading users on their products/services. I have witnessed buzz marketing in different calibers and media platforms. It is not uncommon for instance, to hear in radios or television, presenters coming up with controversial topics so as to make people participate in these shows. According to Limbaugh (2010), using controversy is a cheap tactic but effective in buzz marketing....
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