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Immigration and Film. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Immigration and Film
Pick FOUR questions to answer, with a minimum word count of at least 300 words for each answer. Each question is worth 4 points.
Each of your answers must use at least two quotes from the assigned weekly readings. Do not write the title of the article in your answer from the assigned texts, however, do include the page numbers in parenthesis.
You are allowed to use some of the material that you wrote in your weekly critical reflections if the material is relevant to the question — ie if you wrote about an idea that fits the exam question, you can repeat the idea in your answer, but you cannot simply copy and paste paragraphs as answers from your weekly reflections. You may however re-use quotes that you picked out to use in your critical reflections if fitting.
*FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE — I pasted links to the assigned weekly readings:
Pick 4 questions. Answer each question with a minimum of 300 words. Copy and paste the 4 questions that you pick into the document with your answers.
1. Analyze District 9 with Stuart Hall’s concepts of identity, difference, continuity, and hybridity.
2. Analyze how different aspects in the film District 9 reflect an analysis of neoliberalism, either in the article by Wagner or Sessen. Do you see aspects/scenes/characters in District 9 that touch upon other themes and texts discussed in unit 2? Elaborate.
3. Analyze how Zhao Liang’s film Behemoth reflects globalization and internal migration. Pick out specific scenes. Use the assigned texts to support your answer.
4. Both District 9 by Neill Blomkamp and Black Girl by Ousmane Sembene are films from and set in Africa, but are addressing different issues. Besides the obvious plot and genre differences, how does Blomkamp’s District 9 differ from Sembene’s Black Girl in regards to the issues that it addresses? How does Manthia Diawara’s idea of ‘self-representation’ apply or not apply to District 9?
5. Analyze the film Tangerine and how it relates to both of the texts by Lauren Berlant and Anne Kustritz.
6. Thomas Elsaesser says that in Fassbinder’s films “Victimisation and isolation are shown to occur not only in a specifically German urban environment, but in settings familiar to a particular audience: the place of work, the family dinner table, the block of apartments with petty neighbours and tyrannical landlords, the supermarket and the launderette, the corner cafe and the local bar”(Elsaesser, p.31). Talk about what Elsaesser means with this and give examples of how Fassbinder’s film Ali: Fear Eats the Soul shows various layers of ‘everyday fascism’ as a commentary on post World War 2 Germany.
7. Give an analysis of John Akomfrah’s film Handsworth Songs about the riots in the UK in the 1980s. Use any of the assigned texts in unit 2 to support your analysis. How does it compare to other films watched in unit 2?
8. Analyze the role of women in any of the films watched in unit 2 and connect it with what Lauren Berlant says about nationalism and gender.


Immigration and Film
Immigration and Film
Films have been one of the most popular tools of entertainment, and also medium to highlight issues, like immigration. This tool has been effectively used to highlight immigrant issues and what happens to those seeking life abroad, outside their native lands. It has been a medium to inform, highlight and call to action, the viewers on a given topic. The film has been very effective in changing opinions, perceptions and views over sensitive topical issues and themes like immigration. This paper sets out to analyse some of the films and how they portray, approach and tackle the concepts of immigration.
The first film is District 9 movie, directed by Neil Bootcamp. Produced in 2009, its plot set is in Johannesburg, where an extra-terrestrial spaceship, with a million malnourished aliens, who are then relocated into a camp in Johannesburg to begin a new life on earth. Unrests then ensue a year later, between aliens and the locals. The movie brings pout the concepts of identity, difference, continuity and hybridity in its set up — the concepts which I seek to explore in the movie. Identity is the fact of being who or what a person or a thing is. Identity can be in the form of appearance or cultural background. Cultural identity is one, shared culture, a sort of collective 'one true self', hiding inside the many other, more superficial or artificially imposed 'selves', which people with a shared history and ancestry hold in common ( Hall,223). 

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