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Yahoo Case Study Business & Marketing Research Essay (Essay Sample)


Read the case on Yahoo, and choose one of the questions from the Yahoo Question Guide. Write a one-page write-up. Must using the information in the slides from the required chapter.


CASE QUESTION GUIDE Case # 35: Yahoo Answer following questions using concepts and theories covered in class (Business and Corporate level strategies, Corporate Control and Governance, Strategic Leadership, Resourcebased View, etc.) when you tackle following strategic questions. Main focus: Chapters 9 and 11 - Corporate Control and Governance, Organizational Culture, Strategic Leadership You are encouraged to go beyond the information provided in the case (library sources, recent news articles about the company) when drafting your strategic analysis. 1. What was Yahoo’s original corporate level strategy? (Chapter 6: Diversification, M&A, ..) 2. How has this strategy changed under Semel, and then under Bartz? What has Bartz done to reconfigure Yahoo, and what challenges remain? Do you think she was successful? (Chapter 9) 3. How did things change under the new CEO Marissa Mayer? (Chapter 9) 4. How sustainable was Yahoo’s competitive advantage? What would you do to attain sustainable competitive advantage? (Chapter 3: Resource Based View, VRIS Analysis)


Yahoo! Case Study
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Yahoo! Case Study
Question 2
Terry Semel, a former media executive in Hollywood, took over the chief executive officer’s (CEO) position at Yahoo! in April 2001. In particular, the company was lacking a strategic control. In chapter nine, strategic control is defined as the process of monitoring and modifying a company’s strategic performance (Dess, Lumpkin, Eisner, & McNamara, 2012). Semel’s primary focus was on diversifying the services offered by Yahoo!. The firm’s overreliance on advertising made it experience significant losses during the dot-com bust. In 2002, Yahoo! bought and acquired Musicmatch Inc., a music service. After a few years, the firm added other services such as a site for bookmark-sharing,, and Flickr, a picture-sharing website (Case 35). Semel’s strategy was to make Yahoo! a self-contained world with irresistible offerings, something that he called “network optimization.”

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