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Week 8 Discussion: Social Media Marketing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Please answer the following questions by rewriting the attached paper that was taken off coursehero. The same information is needed just written differently.
From the scenario, prioritize the most significant components of a social media campaign according to the level of influence each could have on the new product launch. Examine both the social media tools that will provide the highest return on investment (ROI), and two (2) key performance indicators (KPIs) that one could use to measure success. Provide a rationale for your response.
Use the Internet to research social media marketing strategies. Next, imagine that you are a manager of a retail store in a major mall with decreasing sales. Suggest two (2) ways that you can use social media in order to increase sales and promote your business. Provide two (2) examples of businesses that have used these methods and succeeded.


Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing
Social Media campaign refers to a well-organized marketing efforts applied in promoting company's product and services through a specific social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram. The approach of campaigns used in social media differs due to the varying advanced, increased focus as well as its measurability. The campaigns are always designed around a specific business goal. Most social media campaigns aim at boosting the overall brand engagement, creating an email marketing lists and driving more sales and more importantly generating website traffic or word-of-mouth (WOM). Therefore, for set goals to be successful, the following three key components of social media campaigns should be well structured.
First, the content of the campaign to post and share. The content of the message should be made easier to the targeted audience. Also, the choice of words in the message should be catchy, interesting, friendly not too official, definitely not sneering, debasing or negative. In addition, the message should be structured with the utmost good faith revealing all the necessary information regarding products and services (Kim, 2016). In other words, the message should be honest and transparent. Lastly, the message should be concise and succinct, but not at the expense of its clarity for easy understanding.
Second, the chosen social media platform. When identifying the appropriate social networking tool, the nature of the message and the targeted audience ought to be considered. The common platforms that are suitable for campaigns include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter. Sometimes, companies might choose to employ more than one medium to reach more audience or to generate more buzz in the market (Kim, 2016).

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