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Business Law - Warranty (Essay Sample)

1. Molly bought a used car for $8000 from AB Used Cars, Inc. Before the purchase, the salesperson told Molly the car she purchased was a 2001 Ford. He also told Molly, “This is the best used car in town, and worth at least $9.000. It was appraised for $9200 last week. The engine is in great shape; it has just had a tune-up, and has 4 new tires.” After purchasing the car, Molly received the sales papers and car title that indicated the care was actually a 1999 Ford worth only $6000. Analyze and describe whether any warranties were created by the salesperson's statements to Molly. 2. On Alice's recent birthday she received a card from her father saying that he was giving her a new desk and table to be made by a local furniture maker. They would be ready in about a month. A week later, without Alice's knowledge, her father talked to the furniture maker about rescinding the contract for the table. The furniture maker agreed to this. About a month after her birthday, the furniture maker delivered the desk. When Alice asked about the table, she learned about the rescission. As she was putting items into the desk, she noticed that the workmanship was poor. Among other problems, two drawers would not operate properly and the finish had several flaws. Alice wants to sue both the furniture maker and her father for the defective desk and the table. Discuss her options. source..

1 Molly
Federal laws require that the consumer be provided with a warranty before the make any significant purchase, whether online or physically. A warranty is an assurance from the seller, committing himself or herself to the products on sale. The coverage of a single warranty vary; therefore it is vital that the consumer check the pricing, style as well as other characteristics, before making the purchase. In the case of Molly who bought a 2001, used car for $8000, but the paper work indicated that the car was a 1999 model that was $6000. However, before she made the decision to buy the car, the salesperson had told her that the car was worth $9200 after appraisal the previous week. The salesperson told her it was the best-used car in town, and was worth at least $9000. The statement made by the salesperson is a warranty in itself called the warranty of fitness. The salesperson suggested to Molly saying that it was the best buy in town, which turned out to be a lie. The salesperson can be sued by Molly, as it is within her rights.
2 Alice
In the second case, Alice`s father promised to give her a new desk and a table for her birthday. After signing a contract with the furniture maker, he calls him and rescinds the contract without informing the daughter who later knew through the furniture maker. In this case, A...
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