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Various Topics (Essay Sample)

1 page per topic. Instructions attached. No coverletter needed. Cite any references at the bottom of each page per topic. At least 1 reference per topic. source..

Various Topics
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Question Number 1
The social capital is not having a clear meaning and it is about the value of social networks. Among different powerful motives of people, there is a motive to maintain social bonds due to the role of social connections in diverse domains. The social relationships influence the interests of people while motivating their behavior CITATION And03 \l 1033 (Anderson, Keltner, & John, 2003). A second link between the connectedness along with the motivation emerges from the developmental research-suggesting people to use technological advancements. In terms of academic and professional pursuits, the early life of humans are found to be sensitive to the goals of others while trying establishments of socially aligned goals. Another element between social connectedness and motivation emerges from the threats to belonging. Worries about belonging in academic settings contribute in-group disparities within academic motivation and achievement CITATION And03 \l 1033 (Anderson, Keltner, & John, 2003). The people are more likely to assimilate more or less goals of social relevancy into the self. It would highlight the power of social connections to foster the key aspects of identity, which means the goals related to achievement. It is obvious that the psychological entry-point validated in previous researches creates social connections, which include the leading participants to believe performance domain providing opportunities in believing that the performance domain belongs to minimal group associated with the domain. It can be said that the social connectedness influence the academic and professional pursuits in every aspect depending on the threat to belonging of individuals in different areas. It can further cause in threatening the social bonds along with the persistence of people without examining the basic indices of achievement motivation. It can highlight the fostering of key aspects of identity in the area of social connections CITATION And03 \l 1033 (Anderson, Keltner, & John, 2003).
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Anderson, C., Keltner, D., & John, O. P. (2003). Emotional convergence between people over time. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1054-1068.
Question Number 2
The key issues in the health reform as per US federal policy are found to be the federal government`s role in financing and delivering the health care, reducing the growth of Medicare spending, and advance care planning for serious illness. The research in this area has opened new debates because the proposed health reform legislation can cause different changes in the way a health care is financed, organized, and delivered in the United States CITATION Tho13 \l 1033 (Thompson, 2013). It can be said that there is a signi...
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