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Values and Career Fit Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


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Values and Career Fit

Values are basically the aspects about conduct or behavior, which we believe to be essential to the way we live and carry ourselves around. Values therefore, also affect how we relate to others. My core values are creativity, philanthropy, professionalism, positivity and community. Values are important because they help an individual to really get a grasp of not only himself or herself, but also every situation that one encounters along the way. It is always important to acknowledge the existence of values from an early age because of the fact that they will always define an individual’s personality sooner than later.
As for me, these five core values have been tremendous in my growth and pursuit for excellence. While they have not worked in synchrony at any one time, each of them has always stood out during critical instances. These core values have helped define who I am, my limits and even more importantly, my weaknesses. Professionalism for example, has helped me develop an extra competitive edge in this ever-changing corporate world, while positivity has ensured that I always remained optimistic throughout the hardships and challenges that I have faced so far. In business for example, especially in financial analysis, speculation and financial forecasts sometimes usually hinge on positivity.
Cultural fit is an essential aspect of recruitment. It is as important as knowledge of an applicant’s previous experience and technical nous. Cultural fit assesses one’s cultural compatibility with the pre-existing organizational culture. As a result, it plays a crucial role in ascertaining an individual’s likelihood to seamlessly fit into the organization’s values and mission, as well as the overall collective conduct(Bouton,2015).On the other hand too, cultural fit is important because it plays a role in the job satisfaction of an employee. Job satisfaction is important in preventing high annual employee turnovers, which hinder the smooth operations of the organization’s core businesses. To however ensure that companies avoid using cultural fit as a notion to discriminate, it is important for the hiring process to welcome a wider variety of values in addition to that which matches the core values that they are after (Andersen, 2015). This ensures that they open their doors to people from diverse backgrounds.
The three most preferably companies for me would be Google, Apple or Microsoft. I chose these three because they are the epitome of what an ideal organization should be; having the environment to do business while at the same time, having an organizational culture that favors the flourishing and growth of their employees. Furthermore, the values in these organizations have a striking resemblance with my core values, such as creativity for Apple and Microsoft, community for Google, and professionalism for them all (Quora, 2016). These would ensure that I am in a mutual cultural fit, therefore, a win-win for me as well as these organizations.
I feel excited to have acquired this piece of priceless knowledge at such an important stage of my life. The knowledge obtained from this session will play a leading role in virtually much of my career. I will always apply the importance of cultural fit in analyzing the most strategic job or career options, to understand that after all, not every job o...
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