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Value Creation by Sellers (Essay Sample)


Sellers create value for buyers in the form of providing leading edge technology, state of the art products, timely services, ease of buying, and quality of relationships, services, and products. These values are usually related to company finances (but not for all criteria, as compliance, safety, and other factors can be considered). Sellers will create value for you as the buyer, given Carnival Services I have selected, and then in turn you will create value for your buyer (client).


Taking into considerations the RFP, (Carnival Services) selected , answer the following two questions in detail. Submit this assignment as one comprehensive MS Word document of no less than 200 words



1. What are the most important value add criteria your sellers can provide you in     order to make your project a success?


2.  In turn, what value will you provide to your clients? Why should your clients select you as their future vendor?


Value creation by sellers
One way in which buyers do benefit from sellers is through value creation. Sellers add value to the goods and services they offer in various ways to attract and retain their customers. In this paper we will analyze what value add criteria the seller of the carnival services and the subsequent buyer can use to make the project successful and to attract and maintain buyers respectively. The aim of this paper is to provide guidance to potential sellers on the benefits of value addition.
When I place a request for proposal to provide the carnival services, I would like the seller to add value to this product in the following ways: Firstly, he/she should provide the product in an appropriate time which will help me start the project on time and hence accomplish my set objectives (Social Media Today, 2011).Secondly, he/she should apply advanced technology in this contract which can help me maintain a cost effective system for the project. Thirdly, the seller should add value to the product through advertising to make the customers aware of the change in ownership which will ease my work in the provision of the carnival services.
There are various things that I can do to improve value to the carnival services I am offering. I can improve the quality of my services, for example by providing more fun activities in my carnival park which will make my services better than those of my competitors. I can also locate the carnival at a location that is safe and easily accessible by my customers. I can also offer state of art services which means that the customers will have the best and the most developed services from my carnival (, 2015).
From th...
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