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The Use Of Online Media In Increasing The Sales Of Car Dealers (Essay Sample)


I need a recommendation report, and I need to combine the Annotated Bibliography I wrote before. The content is about how a car dealer can increase sales with social media.


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This report will focus on the use of online media in increasing the sales of car dealers, the types of social media and the advantages of using the social media in selling cars as well as the recommendation on the use of online selling by considering the research made and methods used.
The company needs to make use of social media as a platform and strategy of promoting sales of their cars and therefore use it as a competitive advantage over other sellers. Social media is very essential strategy that needs to be adopted by the manager and the sales team in increasing sales of motor vehicles. Online marketing is a good strategy because it has more benefits as compared to the physical sales. This report will give the company the description, benefits and recommendation of how online sales by a sales dealer need and how to use the platform for optimal benefits. This will include the strategies that he ought to use to counter competitors in the business of car sales.
The General Motors’ South Gate California was established in 1932 in California by Chrysler for the sole purpose of assembling, manufacturing and sale of cars in United States .The company is concerned in the manufacture and sales of a wide variety of motor vehicles and cars across the united states .Some of the cars that General motors’ south California has manufactured and sold include Volkswagens, Pontiac and Chevrolet. The sales of these cars have been made possible because of the good quality that they are made of and the long lifespan. Since its establishment it has increased the market share in the United States and beyond .It controls the market share to 50% of the market. However the General Motors’ South California has to make use of the online platforms to increase the sales of its cars across the globe.
Social media marketing is the use of social platforms in promoting, advertising and selling products online. The car dealer will therefore opt to use this media for to make and increase sales of cars within the company. According to the survey that has been done some of the social media platforms that are used in making sales may include, face book, twitter, pintest, whatsapp ,LinkedIn snap chat, you tube and instagram.This social media platforms need to be adopted by the company in making sales so that to arrive at its goals and objectives. The social media will be used by the company to boost sales in the following ways
Face book-The General Motors’ South California can use face book as an online platform for boosting the sales of the company. Following the study that has been done by scholars face book has a population of users that can be estimated to be more than 1 billion in the whole world; this is a good potential market for the car dealers to use in selling the cars. Face book can connect sellers to customers in a several ways like, sponsored posts, face book ads, and face book display posts which attracts the users. Face book can promote sales in a number of ways (Sharma & Sheth, 2010).
Social care-This is the customers care through the use of the online channel. Though the study that has been conducted, it shows that more than 45% of the social media or face book users use the social care in getting the customer care that they need. Customers have preferred to use the online platform to make the inquiry as compared to the traditional ways of making consultation from companies. The percentage of the online users liking the u...

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