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unit two: marketing plan (Essay Sample)

For the second component of your marketing plan, answer the questions listed below. Make sure the information about your company is presented in a professional and error free manner. This component will be due at the end of Unit II, and your answer to each question should be at least 400 words 1. Describe what type of marketing research your company will need to use in order to support its marketing strategy. Create a list of questions or issues that your company will need to settle using marketing research. (400 word answer please see attachment) 2. Describe how your company will examine customer satisfaction, and what will you do to create customer loyalty? (400 word answer please see attachment) source..
Arimount’s Marketing Research and Customer Satisfaction Name: Institution: Date: Arimount’s Marketing Research and Customer Satisfaction Marketing Research In conducting market research, Arimount will examine the buying patterns and criteria for the region’s market segment. The customer’s preferences with regard to beauty products will be taken into consideration in this aspect. This will aim at designing the best marketing strategy that would be effective in attracting the potential the customers. The research to be conducted will also be geared towards establishing the strategies used in marketing products by our main competitors such as Nice and Lovely and others. This understanding of the strategies employed will be beneficial to Arimount in designing ways of attracting potential clients. When conducting the research, Arimount will aim at promoting Bravomax products; salesmen will traverse the region with the products and giving potential customers information on the new product. The potential clients will then be informed on the advantages of using the new products over others, with concrete reasons; they will be persuaded to switch on to the new product. Their opinions concerning the products will then be analysed and appropriate measures concerning the raised issues will be taken. The company will then determine the best media to employ for the advertisement strategy in the area. This is because using media that may not be relevant in the region will be a waste of resources. In this perspective, the company will have to evaluate the most suitable media in reaching the highest number of potential customers in the area. Bravomax promotion will entail offering free samples to some selected persons. The persons will then be asked to present their perception concerning the packaging and appearance of the product. This will point out whether the new product will be acceptable in the market or not...
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