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Discussing Formation About Types Of Business Comparison (Essay Sample)


write a 3 page (minimum) paper discussing formation of and the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in the following forms: sole proprietorship; partnership; corporation (C Corp and S Corp); and limited liability company. Specifically discuss the tax and liability issues of each. Also, indicate the form of business you would choose should you someday start your own business, including the reasons for your decision and the Christian approach to business and business relationships.


Types of Business Comparison
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Types of Business Comparison
The main reason for doing business for most people is generating profit. However, businesses come in different types and different forms of ownership with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, certain businesses are easy to form as they involve few legal requirements while others require a lot of legal documents making its formation complex. Understanding formation requirements, merits and demerits (especially with regard to liability issues and taxation) of each business type is important for an entrepreneur in making a good choice for a business type to choose when registering or forming a business.
There are many types of businesses. These include sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation (C Corp. and S corp.) and Limited Liability Company.
Sole Proprietorship
A sole propri

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