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Transforming to E-commerce strategy (Essay Sample)

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Transforming to E-commerce Strategy [Name] [Institution] [Date] Research Topic: Transforming to E-commerce Strategy Brief description of the topic Electronic commerce is playing an integral role in transforming the way customers buy goods and services. It makes information on products and markets as a whole readily available and accessible. It also increases price transparency enabling customers to make appropriate purchasing decisions. The internet has evolved into the most effective business channel, and it has lowered the costs of global communication, easing up business operations. Currently, E-commerce is a critical factor for competitiveness and productivity growth. Companies across all countries are increasingly adopting the use of internet to execute business transactions. Justification of the research topic This topic is worthy researching for a number of reasons. By conducting research on this topic, more information and insight on the implementation of E-commerce strategy will be available to supplement the already documented information. Research on the topic will also provide an opportunity to review the benefits, and deficiencies if any of implementing E-commerce. Another reason for selecting this topic is its relevancy, and global importance in ensuring effectiveness in all business transactions. Identification of variables The rise in E-commerce success has been an issue of interest to many experts in the sector of business. In this study, customer satisfaction will be used as a dependent variable and E-commerce will be the independent variable. Research questions (RQs) RQ1: To what extend will the adoption of E-commerce influence the way business transactions are carried out in various companies? RQ2: Which dimensions of transformation, and which clusters within these dimensions, are essential in determining E-commerce value outcomes? RQ3: What challenges if any, will deter the adoption of E-commerce? RQ4: Which E-commerce approaches are currently available, and how do they work in the process of adopting E-commerce? RQ5: How will transformation to E-commerce affect customer satisfaction? RQ6: What are the pros and...
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