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Marketing final: Apple (Essay Sample)

Answer the following five essay questions. using the text book, Marketing management 2012 by kottler and keller 14th edition. 1. - Apple has one of the best business models for marketing their electronic products. List several principles and techniques that could account for its market leadership in new product development. (Chapter 12 – New Product Development). 2. - How are service quality and the service encounter related? How can companies facilitate delivery of excellent service from the first customer contact to final service delivery? (Chapter 13 – Service as the Core Offering) 3. - Pricing against competitors is common. although the approach can incur significant problems. What are the advantages of competitor pricing? What are the risks of using competitor-based pricing exclusive of other approaches? Identify two industries in which taking competitor-based pricing into account might be especially beneficial when developing an overall pricing strategy? Why would it be helpful? (Chapter 14 –Managing Pricing Decisions) 4. - Channel conflict is causing tension and confusion for many established companies due to the growth of E-commerce versus a traditional brick & mortar presence. Discuss the types of conflicts and offer ways to resolve these conflicts. (Chapter 15 – Managing marketing Channels and the Supply Chain) 5. - In today's fast paced advertising and promotion world with increasing competitive products, over saturated media and conflicting distribution channels, how can you capture a consumer's, or a business's attention? (Choose either consumer or business to business as a basis for the answer) (Chapter 17 - Integrated Marketing Communications- Promotional Strategy etc) source..

Question 1
The Apple industry has emerged as one of the best in marketing, leading to its enhanced popularity. The company is said to have one of the best business marketing models for their electronic products. In order to arrive to this success, Apple has applied various techniques as well as principles in ensuring that they are on the lead in the market in new products development. The shape of marketing has changed and enhanced as the company progresses to invent new strategic ideas of increasing popularity of their products. The innovative tendency of the company has enabled it to sell out even without necessarily advertising their products much. The innovation of quality and reliable products has enabled the company to lure loyal customers all over the globe. The company has used three main principles in emerging the most favorable in the world market (Schneiders, 2011).
Empathy is one of the key principles that enable the company to identify and understand the requirements of the customers than other companies. They always ensure that they are enlightened about the things that are important to the customers at a particular time being ahead of all the other companies. The other important principle is to focus, where eliminating insignificant opportunities counts a great deal, in order to perform a commendable work of the things that they set to do. In addition, the company’s quest to impute the desired quality and working on the measures to take has landed them to great achievement. They believe that individuals judge a book by its cover, thus they present their products in a creative as well as professional way. In becoming the leading company in marketing, Apple has used various techniques like iterative customer participation. Apple spends a considerable time observing the customers using technologies by Apple and other companies. By doing this, the company integrates the experience of ...
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