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Team vs. Teaming (Essay Sample)


Written Project Specifics


• Management Theory and Environmental Forces Term Project:-Individual assignment. It takes time to write quality graduate level term projects but they can be very valuable for consultations and perhaps conference/trade publications in your future endeavors. The purpose of this project is to enhance your understanding of the importance, dynamics, and challenges of the external environments in which organizations operate and to incorporate value driven management to external components of an organization. A secondary purpose of this project is to increase your understanding of the evolution of management and key management concepts in the past century.


You will need to complete the following:

1. Provide a "focused and descriptive" topic with a title for your paper.

2. Select an organization or a company that interests you for a specific management practice or competency or choose a firm that is well reported in business literature. Focus on a specific management practice of this organization by creating a descriptive title for your term project. This descriptive title should focus your research.

Once you have selected a title and an organization for your term project, then:

 • Review the literature on the evolution of management theories (scientific management, administrative management, behavioral management, management science, and organizational management eras) as discussed by Jones & George and other researchers to see which ones are being used in this organization.

 • Determine which management structures and/or strategies are currently being successfully used in this organization. You can also determine which management structures and/or strategies are not currently being used in the organization…that should be used.

• Determine, select and thoroughly discuss one relevant era from the Evolution of Management era with one researcher (such as Frederick Taylor, Frank Gilbreth, Lillian Gilbreth, Max Weber, Henri Fayol, Mary Parker Follett, Elton Mayo, Douglas McGregor, B. F. Skinner, Tom Peters, Peter Senge, or others) whose concepts and thoughts are being used in this firm or can (and should) be used by the management and employees of this organization. Make sure to link the management researcher to practices in the organization. Provide a history and scholarly background of the management era, the main researcher, the researcher's contributions in a comprehensive manner, and provide examples, picture, etc. to make this a helpful read for employees and managers.

2. Now, identify two direct forces (from the task environment) and two indirect forces (from the general environment forces as discussed by Jones and George) that are strongly influencing the company's progress. 

Teams vs. Teaming
Course title:
Teams vs. Teaming
Henry Ford once pointed out that: coming together is a start, staying together is progress, and working together is success. This holds true even today. In a global, interconnected, continually changing economy, teams and teamwork are of major importance to the success of an organization. It is worth mentioning that businesses, which understand and value teamwork, could attain more than one individual, in spite of how trained, experienced, or educated that person might be. Teaming basically entails identifying vital collaborators and swiftly getting up to speed on what they know so that they could work together in order to get things done (Edmondson, 2013). Teams are usua...
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