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Team Members and Leaders (Essay Sample)

Team Members and Leaders Think of a team or group of which you have been a member. Use this group experience to complete the following assignment. Write a 500- to 800 -word paper that addresses the following: a. Team Member Roles 1) Review the group task roles and group maintenance roles described in Ch. 3 of the textbook (This information is on pages 59-60 of edition 5 of your textbook). 2) Identify one role from the Group Task Roles and one role from the Group Maintenance Roles that one member of your group filled. Discuss how that person's role affected the group and what responsibilities each person took on because of his or her role. b. Leadership 1) Describe the leader of the group. 2) Identify specific qualities that an effective group leader should have, and explain whether or not this leader had these qualities. c. Group Management 1) Describe two methods of managing difficult group members. 2) Explain how these methods were used or could have been used to manage difficult members of this group. source..

Team Members and Leaders
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Working in groups is among the practices that promote teamwork. It encourages people to work together with the aim of accomplishing a certain task assigned to them (Daft & Lane, 2008). Groups consist of members and leaders for them to appropriately execute their functions. For instance, I recall of a group in which I was a member during my first semester when we had been assigned a task by the course lecturer. The task required us to form groups of ten students and appoint a group leader to lead us throughout the task.
However, in order to ensure appropriate performance, the group will require both task roles as well as maintenance roles which are very essential in facilitating the group to accomplish its mandate (Hughes & Terrel, 2007). The task roles are crucial in helping to get the group to amicably do its job. The task roles are often executed by single minded and tough members of the group and effectively relate to the group’s rationale. These group task roles include information seeker, initiator, opinion giver, opinion seeker, coordinator, information giver and summarizer (Daft & Lane, 2008). Moreover, the maintenance roles within a group usually facilitate the functioning of the group by looking after the group’s emotional life and helping to make the group work as well as considering individual needs of the group members. These ro...
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