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T&D Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Research Paper Throughout this course and unit, several trends were discussed that may influence the future of training. Pick one or two of these trends, or come up with a trend not mentioned in this course that you think will influence training. Using two library resources and two internet resources, write a three to five page paper summarizing this trend, and how you see the trend specifically influencing training and development. Using Microsoft Word, create your paper, and cite any sources used according to APA format. Link to the text book https://drive(dot)google(dot)com/file/d/0B3ILbeQNnxg3Sm1EY1VkNjRyOWM/edit?usp=sharing


Training Trends
In the recent years, training has completely evolved and is embracing the level of changes that are taking place in the market and in the corporate arenas (Noe, 2010). There have been developments in the training rooms, where some of the most recent trends are taking shape. This is in light of the best and most effective practices in the market to enhance the work performance of the staff and the relationship between the company, its clients and suppliers (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2014). One of the major reasons for the trends is the increase in the level of competitiveness within the corporate sector and the need to retain the best performers on the job.
One of the main trends that have been quite influential in the last few years is the use of technology as a resource to develop the training ground while utilizing the available tools. In the current times, technological advances have taken every other sector by storm, promising better and more efficient mechanism. As such, every other facet of the corporate sector, from production, processing, packaging, marketing and even customers’ services have been redefined using technology (Freifeld, 2014). It is also in this great stride towards a technology driven future that most of the training consultants from the small businesses to the large corporation have taken the initiative to flow with the tides by embracing change. Majority of the staffs are now accustomed to level of influence that technology has in their lives and thus will have an easier time relating with the technology based training tools. There are myriad of tools that have been incorporated in the realm of training programs, to enhance the learning experience and make the learning sessions much more enjoyable and flexible (Bradyd, 2014).
Web conferencing is one of the tools that have gained a lot of momentum on the training front, as most of the companies are now using it to train their employees at the lower levels and even the management levels. In the past, most of the companies have used the web conferencing as a tool for conducting meetings and presentations. Today, the tool is now taking the forefront in managing and conducting training sessions over the internet. Most of the companies that have a worldwide presence now have the chance to use web conferencing to conduct training across the globe. This way their training personnel can conduct training sessions between different branches within the country and across the globe, within the same time. The main advantages of the web-conferencing, is that it has the audio and visual utilities. This means that, both the trainers and the trainees have a chance to see and hear one another. It also implies that, it simulates a real life scenario where the two teams would be seated in the same room. Either of the teams can ask questions and get answers in real time. Some platforms have been quite common, which incl...
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