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The Summative Research Report About Italy and Italy's Culture (Essay Sample)


Your Report Situation: You have been awarded a great opportunity to work as a professional for XYZ Corporation in the country you have selected to focus your report on. Your focus for the assignment is to research the country's cultural and business communication styles. For example, do women hold executive management positions? Is it customary for top business transactions within the work place to discuss business over lunch etc.? So you are discovering how the country communicates in the workplace and business.
Here is the specific information that you will include your report.
Report Content: The report should be five pages excluding the cover page, table of contents and the works cited page. The content should be double spaced. You will need to use three sources to support your findings excluding the course textbook. The report should include in-text citations that coincide with the sources cited on the works cited page. Reports that do not include in-text citations will receive a grade no higher than a 50/F. The sources should be cited in APA citation style. You will submit the assignment as a Microsoft Word attachment.
Report Will Specifically Include in the following order: Front Matter (Title page, Table of contents,) Body (Abstract, Introduction, Text, and only one graph or table as well as the conclusion of the report) and works cited page. The graph or table should not take up a lot of space on the page. Specifically meaning, it should not take up more than one-quarter of the page. The font size in the report is 12 using either Times New Roman or Courier New.


The Summative Research Report about Italy
Institutional Affiliation
The Summative Research Report about Italy
It is important for a company to analyze the culture and communication styles of a nation for a sustainable performance of the business. The market analysis provides the management with the required information to come up with effective strategies that will focus on achieving the set long-term goals of production. Working culture is required to consider the culture and communication beliefs of a nation as it influences the performance of a company. The analysis of the culture of a nation makes it possible for an organization to develop plans that will satisfy the needs of targeted consumers (Crane, Kawashima & Kawasaki, 2016). Study of culture at work place makes it possible to develop policies that will handle cultural barriers in production for a sustainable performance of the business.
Italy's Culture
Italy is a cross-cultural nation where there are individuals from different cultural beliefs in the country. The diversified culture in the region provides the business with the required number of consumers to ensure that there is increased performance through an improved sale of the business. In business entry, it is vital for the management to develop products that are nationally oriented for a smooth flow of activities in the region. Industrialization and agriculture are the main contributors to the national economy. Therefore, an organization is expected to develop products based on the main sectors of the economy for the achievement of set production goals. According to Crane, Kawashima and Kawasaki (2016), culture awareness is used by management in coming up with plans to offer a smooth flow of business operation for the organization which is vital for a proper production in the nation. Italy culture considers individual efforts in developing plans that will offer an increased business performance. The performance of an employee is maximized once there is a proper understanding of workplace culture.
Workplace culture is required to be positive in ensuring that there is improved consumer loyalty and acquisition for a proper flow of operations in the market. Italy is highly populated due to the increased rate of immigration to the nation requiring an appropriate evaluation of required needs of production in the nation. Organizations in the region are highly competitive in the global market due to increased rate global acceptance of their products. The Italy population is 59.5 million which are distributed within different cultural beliefs in the region (, 2017). The common religion in the country is Roman Catholic requiring the business to consider the beliefs of the targeted consumers for a sustainable performance of the business. Proper evaluation of consumer needs makes it possible for an organization to develop plans that will make the products and services widely accepted in the market.
The Italian women are ranked as the lowest in the job market in Western Europe with only 38% of women that are employed (, 2017). Foreign women can work in the nation without any constraints making it possible to reduce the wage gap in the nation. There are programs by the Italian government which is aimed at ensuring that there are increased number of women that are in the labor market. The government focuses on women and youth empow

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