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Social impact of Business. Individual rights versus corporate concerns (Essay Sample)


Directions: Be sure to make an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be a minimum of one (1) single-spaced page to a maximum of two (2) pages in length; refer to the "Assignment Format" page for specific format requirements. Some people believe that the right of privacy should be extended to the workplace. Others feel that, on the contrary, that such an extension would constitute an unwarranted incursion into the management's right to manage. 1. Please comment on this debate, using examples from the text discussion of electronic monitoring, romance in the workplace, employee drug testing, and employee honesty testing. 2. Are there particular circumstances under which it is, or is not, appropriate for employers to monitor employee behavior? Discuss two (2).


The Social impact of Business
Course title:
Individual rights versus corporate concerns
The idea that the right to privacy is a basic human right is not a novel one; however, massive technological, economic and sociological changes are shifting both legal and personal conceptualizations of a citizen's right to privacy (Smith and Burg, 2012, p. 9). The ramifications of this right are negotiated in various interconnected spheres of social life, and debates pertaining to it often invoke notions of ‘accountability' and ‘trust'. Although workplace surveillance by closed circuit cameras has been legitimated by employers as a means to discourage employees against theft, the visibility afforded to employees is taking more covert and insidious forms (Smith and Burg, 2012). Internet-based activities and e-mail communication can easily be monitored, in spite of personal passwords set by individual employees (Smith and Burg, 2012, p. 2). This contestation of privacy stems from an employees' â€&oeli...
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