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Self-marketing Plan: Fashion And Design (Essay Sample)


Objective: What have you learned about marketing that can help you excel in your future? This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the lessons you have learned about marketing to the crucial task of effectively differentiating yourself on the job market.
For this assignment you will:
1) Decide on your 2-3 main differentiators to create your story (skills, experience, characteristics);
2) figure out how to emphasize your story on your resume;
3) make these same themes on your LinkedIn profile;
4) identify several stories to illustrate these differentiators during an interview.
First paragraph: briefly introduce where you would like to work when you finish at PA (1 sentence) and the main skills, experiences, or characteristics that set you apart from other job candidates (2-3 sentences). (10 points)
Second paragraph: address, as specifically as possible, what you will do emphasize these themes on the resume you would provide to prospective employers. You should address 3 actions you plan to take (4-5 sentences). (5 points)
Third paragraph: discuss in detail what you will do to emphasize your differentiators and grow your professional network on your LinkedIn profile. You should address 3 actions you plan to take (4-5 sentences). (5 points)
Fourth paragraph: briefly introduce 2 stories that you would share at an interview to provide evidence of what makes you different (no more than three sentences per story, 5-6 sentences total). Hint: look up common job interview questions and prepare your responses to those. (10 points)
Your self-marketing plan should be no more than 2 pages long (1.5 line spaced, normal margins, 12Pt Times New Roman Font). It should also reflect professional writing expectations including proper spelling, proper grammar, clear word choice and phrasing, straightforward language, short and simple sentences, and no contractions.


Self-Marketing Plan
Self-Marketing Plan
My passion for fashion and design has been key in helping me focus on my course in financial management and economics as these two are key in helping me gain the necessary skills in managing a fashion and design firm. I had an opportunity to work in a fashion and design firm last summer holiday in Shanghai where my problem-solving ability and interpersonal and communication skills set me aside as a unique person in this field. I also have the ability to concentrate on doing the same thing for a long time and am very creative.
To emphasize these themes in my resume first I will write them in different sections with subheadings of each skill and experience and my differentiators with each paragraph describing the details. Secondly, I will keep referring myself in my resume using these themes thro

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