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Impact of Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising on Secondary School Students (Essay Sample)

These are my prof\\\'s instruction provided for this assignment: For this Blackboard essay, consider the topic, research question, and research design that you have previously discussed. Identify the sampling design that would be most appropriate for conducting this research. Please go beyond merely identifying it as a probability or non-probability design. Instead, try to identify the specific type of sampling design that is most appropriate for the research. Provide a justification for why that design is the most appropriate. One common strategy is to compare your chosen design to other possible designs that you did not choose. Please provide citations for any references that you use and adhere to APA 6th edition. Note: please refer to the orders 00019636 and 00019624 to help match the essay to the topic. If you are unable to access them, please let me know and I will upload them ASAP. source..

Impact of Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising on Secondary School Students
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Sampling Design
A suitable sampling design will ensure that the data collected from the units addresses the research topic appropriately; every research question developed will need specific answers and hence the need of a comprehensive sampling design that guarantees accuracy and precision. To identify the impact of alcohol and tobacco advertising on secondary school students in Los Angeles, this research requires 30 students from the states. To sample them a random stratified sampling design will be used. This is a non probability sampling design since a predetermined portion of the population will be sampled using the grades/class of the students (Handwerker, 2005).
In the stratification, the students will be placed in their different grades i.e. 9–12 to ensure all the high school grades students are sampled. The students will be selected randomly from each grade to eliminate any bias in the study (Pfeffermann & Rao, 2009). By randomly selecting students from each grade there will be a balance in the data collected to represent the whole secondary school students rather than sampling more students from one grade (Lohr, 2009). In addition, it will help identify the prevalence of the impact of alcohol and tobacco advertising given that all levels of students are accounted for. Indeed, stratifying the population will also help in identifying issues that affect each grade and further help understand the deeper insight of the problem. This will also eliminate answers due to peer pressure since smokers from same grade classes may cluster together and give similar answers.
The random systematic sampling design can be applied rather than random stratified sampling, but it may end up having a representation of more students from one grade and hence lead to a biased study. Since the study will collect a sample of 30 where 15 are n...
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