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Sample Hypothesis Test: Select The Variables, (Essay Sample)


Describe how you would do a two sample hypothesis test. Select the variables (dependent and independent ones) and briefly set up the test. Include any
ethical issues you might run across as you begin to collect your data. Must be at least two complete pages.


Sample Hypothesis Test
Sample Hypothesis Test
The two-sample test is commonly used for hypothesis tests; it is used to compare two variables to understand whether the average difference between the two groups is significant. Conducting a two-sample hypothesis test requires four steps that are to state the hypothesis, formulating an analysis plan, analyzing data and interpreting results. In a two-sample hypothesis test, two parameters are generated from two different populations (Pfister & Janczyk, 2013).
For a two sample hypothesis test the null hypothesis Ho usually state that there is no difference between the two parameters of the two variables the null hypothesis is symbolized by , =, or . The alternative hypothesis Ha is a statistical hypothesis that determines if the claim is true. The alternative hypothesis is represented by the symbol >, or <. There are specific conditions that are important when performing a two-sample test between two populations is symbolized by μ1 and μ2 (Hothorn & Everitt, 2014).
The sample needs to be randomly selected and can be independent meaning that the sample selected from one population should be different from the sample of the second population or dependent whereby the sample related. Performing a two-sample test, the standardized test statistic is
(Kass, Eden & Brown, 2014).
In situations where the variances are the same the data from the two samples is put together to estimate the standard deviation which is symbolized by as shown below
(Kass, Eden & Brown, 2014).
In this case, the standard error for s

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