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Human Resources hiring and retaining (Essay Sample)

Recruiting, hiring and retaining the requisite competencies (supplied by the employees of course) is a core deliverable of Human Resources. We begin by looking at the nature of jobs – and the steps involved in conducting job analyses. The interesting part for me is managing the global aspects of these issues. Accommodating time zones and dealing with ex-pats issues are an added dimension for today's HR professionals. In this first conference topic, first, I'd like you to discuss your understanding of workflow analysis. What is it? Why would a company go through all of this effort to conduct a workflow analysis? And by all means, take the time to read and respond to a colleague's post. You can certainly disagree, just as long as you support your argument. After workflow analysis comes job analysis. Describe the job analysis process in your own words. Include in your discussion you understanding of the stages and methods used in the process. And then, I'd like to hear your ideas about how you would conduct a job analysis in a company that had never had job descriptions. What roadblocks might you expect to encounter? What are your strategies and approaches for overcoming the roadblocks? In chapter 7 we look at recruiting practices. The first step for me in the recruiting process is to know the labor markets available to me. So, in this first topic, I would like you to discuss your definition of labor markets. Be sure to include a list of the labor market components. Then include an idea or two about how you can and/or should actually recruit in the different labor markets. (Try to see your answer as a summary of the material found in your texts on pages 194 – 199.) Second part....a major strategic recruiting decision is whether to recruit internally or externally. Do you have preference? Discuss the pros and cons of these options, state your preference – and then be sure to defend your decision. NOTE: You will want to understand the pros and cons of each option. This would be a wonderful exam question, wouldn't it? source..

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(29, October, 2010)
Human Resources
The essay revolves around activities performed by the human resource in an organization. The paper discusses the workflow analysis, job analysis in this two, the processes of going about them as well as the advantages of doing it are brought forth. Additionally, the essay addresses the issue of recruiting practices, in this case knowing the labor market available is zeroed into. Finally, the paper looks into the preference of either hiring internally or externally, both pros and cons of these two are brought forth.
Workflow analysis refers to observing how the process or progress of work within a given system is being carried out. Analysis thus includes evaluating the entire progress as well as improving the same to foster efficiency and effectiveness. For nay prospering organization, there is no doubt that this process is carried out more often than not. The benefit of this process is that it brings to light areas of weaknesses in the system or sequence of carrying out day to day activities with an organization. With such an information an organization this is provided with an opportunity to redeem it self by making necessary adjustments (Noe Et al. 2009).
Job analysis is the process in which jobs are critically investigated then described and recorded specifying the requirements as well as the necessary skills for one to perfume that particular job. This is done for two major purposes; to recruit new people or assessing how those already in the system are performing.
There are eight stages that need to be gone through while conducting. These include identifying the purpose of the analysis, selecting the analysts, choosing the appropriate method. Training the analysts, preparing of job analysis, collect d...
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