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Nike. Factors Affecting Nike’s Success. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a four to six (4–6) page paper in which you:
Specify the nature, structure, and types of products or services of your company, and identify two (2) key factors in the organization’s external environment that can affect its success. Provide an explanation to support the rationale.
Suggest five (5) ways in which the primary stakeholders can influence the organization’s financial performance. Provide support for the response.
Specify one (1) controversial corporate social responsibility concern associated with your company.
Submit a reference page with at least four (4) quality references that you have used for this paper. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

According to the textbook, the current world economy is increasingly becoming integrated and interdependent; as a result, the relationship between business and society is becoming more complex. In this assignment, you will be researching Nike.


Nike started operations in 1964, even though it was formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sport. The company’s headquarters are in Oregon and was founded by Bill Bowerman. Nike is renowned for manufacturing innovative and high-quality products. It also relies on innovative technologies and materials to come up with new products. Over the year, the company has been marketed by high raking teams and sorts athletes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Roger Federer (Constantine, 2018). Nike relies on a geographical divisional structure so that it serves its global markets better. This means it has a global corporate leadership which consists of corporate managers who are in the company’s headquarters. For instance, the marketing group handles the company’s marketing campaigns that are released worldwide. The company also has semi-autonomous geographic decisions which are divided into segments depending on the regional market. The regional divisions include Japan, Greater China, Central, and Eastern Europe, North America, Western Europe, and emerging markets (Araujo et al. 2018). The company also has two global divisions for brand licensing and Converse. The Converse division deals with managing the Converse brand, and the brand division handles brand licensing. The company has over 19,000 retailers and operates worldwide in over 170 countries (Araujo et al. 2018). Nike is the leading manufacturer of sporting goods worldwide.

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