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Employee and Industrial Relations (Essay Sample)

Evaluate the ways in which employee and industrial relations are related to strategic HRM, and what an organization can do to improve both. Assignment Expectations Key aspects that should be covered in this case study include: * Engaging employees * Employee performance and documentation * Complaint systems and whistleblowers * Communications and trust * Unions and management * Other areas which you feel are relevant to employee and industrial relations Your paper should demonstrate critical thinking and analysis of the relevant issues, drawing upon all of the required background readings references: ProQuest username: 4kw2wkdpbx. ProQuest password: welcome 3. Copy the title of the paper ONLY from this page, and paste it into the "Basic Search" field in ProQuest, but make sure you DELETE any punctuation in the title (for example, colon, semi-colon, dash, apostrophe, period). Then click on "search" and look for the document in the list that appears below. Abbott, K. (2007). Employment relations: Integrating industrial relations and human resource management. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 5(1), 61-71,147. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1259702681). Anonymous. (2005, September). Employee engagement. Canadian HR Reporter, 18(15), 7-9 . Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 899612691). Krell, E. (2006, June). Do they trust you? HRMagazine, 51(6), 58-65. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1061328661). Mittler, J. E. (2007, January). Dealing effectively with unions. Industrial Management, 49(1), 26-30,5. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1219118051). Pomeroy, A. (2006, July). Great communicators, great communication. HRMagazine, 51(7), 44-49. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1076597521). Schreiber, M. E., & Marshall, D. R. (2006). Reducing the risk of whistleblower complaints. Risk Management, 53(11), 42-44,46. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1164965031). Willock, R. (2007, January). Cordial relations. Personnel Today, 22-25. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1224390571). source..

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Employee and Industrial Relations
Industrial relations were initially focused on the institutions such as the trade unions, employer associations and the institutional processes with routines that are were collectively and arbitrated in accordance to the substantive outcomes such as awards and agreements. Accordingly to (Deery & plowman, 1991) the, behaviour and interaction of different personalities at workplaces broad challenges to both management and workers that shaped the employment and labor relations.
Human resource management grew from the challenges and the traditional personnel management, which gives a greater emphasis to a strategic approach to the management of employees. These involve a series of prescriptions on how to ensure efficient and committed workforce.
According to (Abbott, 2007) the industrial relations has broadened its scope to include the general employment relationships that takes into consideration of different interests of the employers, employees and the way these differences are shaped. Human resource management has maintained its stand on managerial effectiveness.
Engaging Employees
The employers are constantly engaged with their employees on the terms and conditions of employment or behaviour regulations. Employers should engage their employees in constructive bargaining to avoid resorting to violence as a means of resolving the conflicts.
To engage with the trade unions effectively, the management should understand the nature of the employees, the employees’ union relations activities, their methods of working and the values and purposes of the unions. For effective engagement, the following should be taken into consideration.
The parties to be engaged should be given the freedom of association to organize into independent unions.
The parties should have the ability to recruit, retain and service their members.
The parties should have members who are willing to join and participated in the activities of their organizations.
The employers should ensure a fair balance of bargaining power while engaging the trade unions.
Employer recognition should be always maintained.
Employee Performance and Documentation
The success of any company entirely depends on the nature of the employees. The human resource management should therefore be well organized in utilizing the role played by the employees. The [performance of all the employees should therefore be monitored and be documented. Documentation is the process holding viable conversations with staff; these can include warnings of misbehavior and recording of interactions.
Documentation of positive as well as negative behaviors is important for the success of an organization. An employer with positive performance leads to positive leads to positive business performance while depreciating performance may signify negative performance. The human resource management should therefore draft a company’s documentation policy and ensure that it is applied. The managers should also be trained in documentation.
The process of documenting the employee performance therefore has a lot of benefits to the Organization. If an employee makes positive contribution, then documentation will show evidence and the need for rewarding well performing employees while at the same time providing evidence and r...
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