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General Manager's Guide to Valuation Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


please write only one page of the topic question. And the another page please write down the content of "value opportunities: option pricing" in the article attached and list several key sentences that i need to post on the powerpoints.and please make the second page like a short speech thanks!


General Manager's Guide to Valuation
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General Manager's Guide to Valuation
Discount Cash Flow
Discount Cash Flow is an approach used to estimate the value of an investment based on the projected cash flows. In this regard, DCF aims to establish the present value of an investment based on the predictions of how much revenue it can generate in the future. The main advantage of using simple DCF offers opportunities to value the start-up performance in the coming days. For any investment lacking historical revenue, the simple DCF is useful in valuing the enterprise (Luehrman, 1997).

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