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Model for Open Communication (Essay Sample)

Text book is: Open Leadership By Li, Charlene ISBN-13: 9780470597262 Describe in detail the key elements of chapter six of Li's text and which model for open communication you think would work best for you and define why you believe this to be so. - Create robust social graphic profiles of my customers and employees. To know something about them, the behavioral profiles that can be built around a person's online activities, and to have a fundamental baseline of where my customers and employees are today. That can be achieved by three basic approaches: by monitoring, custom survey, and market observations. (1) - Identify points where workflow and stakeholders are affected. The goal is to share clearly the strategic goal of my open strategy and to make sure that stakeholders share in the commitment to that goal. (2) - Determine the best organizational structure. Adopt the right model, which is one of the models: organic, centralized, and coordinated. The right model depends on the level of openness in my organization, my goals, and how are I currently structured. (3) - Assign roles and responsibilities. Make sure of laying out the strategy, building and maintaining the tools, and engaging with the community. - Design appropriate training and incentive plans. Training to how to use collaboration suites, how to connect with social networks and Twitter, how to blog. Like “understanding twitter in 15 minutes” The teacher said: 1) good, but no choices on what you select + why for your group. 2) No points idea 3) Which one do you think is best source..

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Model for Open Communication
This assignment will analyze on model of open communication as discussed by Charlene Li on how leaders should tap the power of open communication without fear of losing control on those who they lead. Open communications methods which would be adapted through social networks such as blog, twitter and face book. Open leadership/communication model shall provide precision to both outside and inside the organization with suggestions on how the organization can adopt open strategy on its operations and a better understanding of the its implications in the organization.
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