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Reflection on Motivation (Essay Sample)

Important Note: 1- talk about communication or motivation or team building: a leadership strategy. you will find these topic in the text book which I attached . 2-the Structure of the reflection should be : firstly : talk about Why this topic related to you? Mention and explain a case or situation that happen to you related to this topic. secondly: explain the topic as a concept and explain the associated theories thirdly: evaluate the value of what you have learnt and how it relates to the event or situation. fourthly : plan how this information will be useful to you (what should I do in the in 5 years in the future), What are your recommendations to yourself? Be realistic 3- use Australian English 5- you can use more than 5 academic sources. 6- write (1,000 words) source..
Motivation is what drives individuals to achieve their objectives. It is because of motivation that we see people become successful in their lives and in their careers. More often than not, people derive motivation from many factors in their lives, but the key aspect is if an individual is to achieve success, then he/she must be motivated (Carsrud & Brännback, 2009). Some people are motivated by anger, by fear or even by love. Motivational factors vary from one individual to another because their natures are different. It is a crucial aspect of achieving success in my life, even in the smallest endeavors that I seek to undertake.
One case related to motivation occurred in my workplace, where a manager did not set realistic goals for me. The manager sets goals that I could not achieve, as I did not have the ability or the skills necessary to meet these goals. The manager did not engage with me to inquire about what I could achieve; he just set goals without my knowledge. Because of this, I struggled to meet the targets. This in turn de-motivated me, and I was not able to perform my best in this position.
From my experience with this manager, I learned that it is important to set realistic and clear goals for employees in order to motivate them. Moreover, it is important to engage the employee in the goal setting. In my case, if the manager had set goals that I could achieve, then I believe I would have been in a better position to achieve the goals. The goal-setting theory focuses on setting goals for all the workers in an organization. These goals must be in line with the abilities and skills that they possess (Hoffmann, 2007). They should set realistic goals that can be achieved within a set period of time. This target will act as a motivational factor, since all the workers will work towards meeting their targets (Reece, Brandt & Howie, 2010). In the end, if all the workers are motivated by the targets and each worker reaches their target, then the organ...
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