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Product: Reduce GoGos Barista Coffee Cups (Essay Sample)


This is he product I choose:
Reusable Coffee Cups
The objective will be to select a product, evaluate it, identify a promising country (you cannot use the US as your target county), and provide a short overview of how you would promote this item in your target market.
Assume you will be using Amazon as your marketplace. No selection of electronic products of any kind (these simply are too hard to ever make money, unless is a really special niche). What sort of advertising might you do to promote the product and why. How will you make sure your product stands out, and what can you do to enhance your listing?
No source will be need, if you need, please only can use website for source, no book. Thank you.


Reduce GoGos Barista Coffee Cups
(Student’s name)
Business and Marketing
(Institutional affiliation)
Reduce GoGos Barista Coffee Cups
The product chosen is to target mostly the working class that want to have their own coffee cup and without having to worry about throwing away the cup afterwards. Based on what is said about the product, this product is reusable, lightweight and space-saving. This is perfect for drinking while on-the-go and with the tight lids, there is nothing to worry about spilling. The materials are 100% BPA-free which is safe for anyone to use. The color variation will suit everyone’s personality and they can easily identify the cup that it is theirs.
Another good thing about the cups is that the advertisement does not lie because they are exactly the same when a customer receives their order. The lid is going to snap on right away and fits on the cup perfectly. Since it is a cup that can be brought anywhere, the lightweight design will not disappoint any user who wants to take it with them during meetings or if they have a presentation to do. This type of product will be marketable to the people in the working class of the Philippines. It is observed that their daily commute can be between 1 to 3 hours and they need a coffee cup they can drink from while on the road or to get their daily dose of caffeine before arriving at work. Furthermore, they like to take coffee more than twice a day because they rely on coffee all throughout the day. People who are working in call centers that attend the midnight shift will also benefit from these coffee cups because they consume more coffee than the day job workers. This crowd also wants to be able to function properly at work which is why they always drink coffee especially after eating lunch.
Since it is reusable and washable, they can also drink water or juice from the cup to keep them hydrated while working. Some of the office workers like to walk around the building with a drink in their hand because it helps them relax and this cup will be easy for them to carry. The 3-pack set is a good deal for anyone because they can either keep all of them or give the other 2 away to a friend or family member. For instance, the black one can be for their coffee, the blue for water and the gray one for any sugary drink they want. The options are not limited and the cups are classic-looking so they will never go out of style. This is one of the things that people will love about them because of their clean look.
Even if there are other similar products in the market, these cups are the most convenient ones to own safe to use. Promoting them will not be difficult and there are already plans on how to attract the right market so they are going to buy the cups.
One of the ways on how to promote the cups is through social media and positive feedback. Nowadays, people from all walks of life use the internet to look at their social media accounts and check on the latest news and trends. If they see the promotion of this product a lot and read positive feedbacks about it, they will not think twice about buying the cups. In addition to this, it is already a good deal. To even be more specific, the description written about the product will be targeted to the working class and call center agents. However, the tone will be friendly enough that can also attract other types of buyers. Sometimes, kids also want to have these cups instead of always drinking from a plastic cup in the cafeteria because it is healthier. There is no danger of breaking them because they are not made of glass. The cups are insulated so the drinks either stay cold or warm which is great.
Another idea for promoting them is by handing out brochures because there are people who want to read a hard copy of the description buying one. At the same time, those who are handing...
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