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Recommendations - Executive Summary: Dell (Essay Sample)

In this paper, we are focusing on Part 4 in the attached instructions for Dell Computer. In addition, we want to tie in all previous parts (attached) into the Executive Summary and attach all four parts along with the Executive Summary/Recommendations. Please let me know if you have any questions. source..

Dell Inc. is a multinational company in the computer industry. It is one of the most prosperous computer companies having been ranked number one for a number of years. Dell operates in a wide production line. Dell operates one of the unique marketing strategies. The company sells computer and other of its products direct to customers. Executive summary
Market and profit maintenance is not an easy thing to achieve in the so dynamic world of business. Dell has for a long period been able to overcome the so many challenges. The firm faces so many challenges the struggle to maintain its position in the market. Competition is one of the challenges. Dell does not operate in a monopoly. In this regard, it operates under conditions of high competition. With globalization, Dell has to into international markets. This involves understanding life patterns and cultures of these markets to achieve optimal results in these markets. Technological changes provide Dell with an opportunity to make better and advanced products. The paper looks into the benefits as well as the cost constraints presented to Dell by the vast changing technology. Human resource plays a very significant role in the stability of a company. There role in the company is outlined in the paper. There is an overview of SWOT analysis for Dell. SWOT analysis shows the position of the company in the industry. Financial position is also analyzed to determine the performance of the company. Part 4 of the paper details the recommendations that Dell could adopt in trying to overcome the challenges it faces in its operations.
Overview of Organization
Dell Inc. is a multinational computer technology corporation. It is based in Round Rock, Texas, in America. Dell develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and other related products and services. Dell is one among the largest technological corporations in the world. It is ranked among the three largest PC vendors in the world, together with HP and Lenovo. The corporation has greatly grown by increasing its customers and through acquisitions. As per the year 2009, the company sold servers, data storage devices, personal computers, software, network switches, and computer peripherals. Dell also deals in MP3 players, cameras, and printers CITATION Ste061 \l 2057 (Holzner, 2006).
Dell in its operations faces so many challenges. There are several other corporations dealing in the same line of products. For this reason, Dell has to fight for market share among the many other competing corporations. Competition is one of the major challenges faced by Dell. Competition is in form of similar products from other corporations as well as substitute products such as from the mobile industry.
The world has become global. This has made the world a better place to live. However, globalization is a challenge to Dell, just like it is, to many corporations. Understanding foreign ...
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