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Real-World Analysis (Essay Sample)

To earn some extra credit points, you can submit an analysis of real life examples of business letters, memos, e-mails, or other documents. These documents may be received by you as a customer, co-worker, or subordinate in a business. The real-world document should be regarding a business topic, relevant to the business communication principles learned in the book, AND no longer than 2 pages. For your analysis, you must provide the following: a clean copy of the document analyzed a brief memo analyzing the document as follows: a statement of whether the document is positive or negative an explanation of how the document demonstrates either a positive or negative example of module discussed in the book – relate content of the document to module material suggestions about how the message could be improved (if it is a negative example) You could earn 25 points for each analyzed document and you may submit up to two analyzed documents. Memos will be graded based on thoroughness of the analysis and application/understanding of the business communication concepts. In addition, standard content, format, mechanics, etc will be evaluated as well. source..

Real-World Analysis
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Real-World Analysis
Communication in business involves relaying a message or information persuasively. The sample letter analyzed is a business-marketing letter. The letter is an invitation made to friends to attend the inaugural opening of an enterprise. The letter can be considered to be a positive one. It is very comprehensive and effective. It contains all the facts that the readers requires to know about the business inauguration. The letter communicates the strength of the business.
On the format, the letter contains the date it was written, name of the sender and address. The letter is addressed to friends. Although it is a business communication letter, it appears to be friendly and somewhat informal. In it contents is the date when the inauguration is going to take place, the products and services and how they are positioned and differentiated. It also contains the reasons why customers need to consider their quality services. The letter also has information on the guests who will be there, the products offered, offers and discounts on products.
The letter is also short and straight to the point a necessary component of business communication. It nonetheless contains all the relevant facts. The message in the letter is also clear and concrete. It specifies the products and services offered. The letter is persuasive, informative and influential. It states the objectives of the enterprise and communicates everything the receivers need to know.
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