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Quality Improvement Initiatives and Measurements (Essay Sample)


Many CSU students of healthcare administration are interested in managing a specific clinical support service (CSS) of a hospital or clinic. Pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, medical laboratory, respiratory therapy, and physical therapy are a few examples. Assume that you are the newly appointed manager for a clinical support service (select any one of most interest to yourself). What types of quality improvement initiatives might you launch for your service? What would you measure, and who would be involved in the measurements?


Healthcare management: Unit 4 #2- quality improvement initiatives and measurements
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There is a need to improve health and care outcome sin physical therapy, and to achieve this it is necessary to support continuous improvement in client care based on learning. To facilitate this then there will be an assessment of available evidence to determine the applicability of this information to clinical practice for physical therapists. Additionally, the information gathered for the purpose of reviewing outcome measures to support the initiatives. Integrating the medical and rehabilitation goals for the patients is a practice change that ensures there are better patient outcomes (Ozcan & Tone, 2014).
Emphasizing on a patient safety culture where the physiotherapists have to follow the standards will achieve the expected outcome. The opportunity for feedback on continuous improvement will focus on allowing the medical professionals to improve patient safety. Nurses play an important role in quality improvement initiatives by leading the initiatives gathering data and implementing protocols for the regulatory standards (Malone & Lindsay, 2006). When quality improvement is embraced in the hospitals, there is supportive leadership for the initiatives undertaken. This supports the need to promote individuality for each nurse involved in physical therapy, and there is emphasis on open communication before undertaking any improvement effort.
The measures to assess the effectiveness of the quality improvement initiatives will take into account assessing the patients’ experience through feedback. It is expected that the medical professionals will work in teams, and the involvement of patients should not be downplayed. Hence, a shorter stay in hospital and patient satisfaction with care indicate the effectiveness of the changes in quality improvement. Overall, a patient-centered approach focusing on evidence-based practice...
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