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Promoting A New Product Through Mass And Targeted Media (Essay Sample)


At first, you should summarize the positioning you had developed for your product in the following word document.
Next, you would discuss what kind of audience you see for your product, that is, a mass audience, a targeted audience or some combination of the two.
Then, depending on the type of audience, you would choose media from the list of thirteen media in the following list that would work best with that type of audience.
Finally, you have chosen your media, you would talk about how you would use them and how they would work better than any others from the list.
Media list:
Direct Response Mail/Email/Flyers
Indoor and Outdoor Signage
Personal Selling
Sales Promotions
Search engines
Social Media Networks
Sponsored Events
Web sites
Word of Mouth


Promoting a New Product through Mass and Targeted Media
Promoting a New Product through Mass and Targeted Media
Compression and shapewear for the aging population in the United States and around the world form one of the medical interventions employed by health care providers specializing in geriatrics. The increasing rate of an aging population in the country correlates to the rising cases of chronic illnesses or health complications among individuals aged 65 years and above. The increased need for quality health care delivery by such individuals is equally responsible for the current and projected high spending in health care. However, interventional measures such as the use of compression and shapewear in geriatric care function to reduce the overall cost of health care while also improving the health and well-being of the aging population. The products also find use among the younger generation who use them to maintain or enhance the images or appearances due to their aesthetic effects on the body. Geriatric care provides an excellent opportunity for promoting both compression and shape wear with their medical benefits for the target population being the key selling points for the products.
According to the product positioning of the compression and shapewear, the aim of the preferred media of promotion and advertisement would be to speak to the target audience of individuals in need of geriatric care or those with a high probability of

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