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5-1 Final Project Milestone Two: Technology Solutions and Recommendations (Essay Sample)


Overview: When you are in a market and researching if and how new technologies can help your business, it is important to examine what your competitors are
doing with the same technologies, and how successful they are implementing them. This assignment is the second milestone that you will complete for your
final project. In this milestone, you will address the following:
You will begin drafting parts of your final project, focusing on your business requirements, competitors, and technology.
This assignment is an important practice opportunity for you to create a draft, and to get feedback from your instructor to improve your final draft.
The rubric reflects that this is a practice opportunity. You should focus on getting the necessary information into your draft. No draft is perfect.
This milestone aligns with sections I, II, and III of your final project. Use the questions in the critical elements as a guide.
You are free to work in the Final Project Template document or on a separate word document for your drafts.
It is recommended you use the template to ensure you do not miss any items you need to address. The critical elements are highlighted in
yellow in the template.
You will submit the Decision Matrix document you used to conduct your research as part of this assignment.
For guidance on completing the decision matrix, refer to these learning resources:
Decision Matrix: What It Is and How to Use It: This article defines the decision matrix and discusses how leaders evaluate and prioritize all of their
options when considering solutions to a difficult task.
Decision Matrix Analysis: This article explains how to use a decision matrix analysis, a useful technique for making a choice when many factors must be
Decision Matrix Example: Use this resource to view an example of a completed decision matrix.
Prompt: Remember that you have immersed yourself in the role of an IT professional. Imagine that you work for the small brick-and-mortar business described
in the final project case scenario. The owner of your business wants to focus on generating new revenue through e-commerce, but she knows that this change in
operations requires the company to integrate new technology. To gain an understanding of what the business might need for technology, she has asked you to
create a business systems analysis. In this part of your drafted analysis, you will focus on solutions and recommendations based on your research for your first
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
IV. Technology Solutions: In this section, you will discuss how each of the two technologies meets the technology requirements that you identified in
section II. Use your decision matrix to guide your responses.
A. Technology One: Explain how well this technology meets the technology requirements of your business. Be sure to address which technology
requirements the technology meets, and where there are gaps.
Technology Two: Explain how well this technology meets the technology requirements of your business. Be sure to address which technology
requirements the technology meets, and where there are gaps.
V. Recommendations: In this section, you will recommend the technology solution that you believe is most appropriate for your business based on how
well each technology meets your business's technology requirements.
A. Recommend a technology solution for your business, and defend why that solution is appropriate. You could recommend only one technology,
or you could recommend any combination of the two that you investigated.
B. Explain the overall benefit of your recommended technology solution to your business. Consider the following:
i. How will it enhance efficiency?
ii. How will it position your business for future growth as you move online?
Lastly, submit the decision matrix that you used for your research.
Guidelines for Submission: Your rough draft should be 3–4 pages in length and should follow APA formatting, including double spacing, 12-point Times New
Roman font, and one-inch margins.


Technology Solutions and Recommendations
(Student's name)
Business and Marketing
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Technology Solutions and Recommendations
There will be a discussion of technological solution that is appropriate for any business type and will help them gain success in the long run, which is the main goal. The good thing is that there are more options for communication now than ever before and this is one of the most essential things in any business set-up. In addition to this, the technological advances of today enable anyone to reach a wider range of market just from their mobile phone. The business owners and capitalists specifically use any form of technology so they can handle the process better. For instance, mobile applications made by developers make applications for business owners and also consumers to expand their capacity and marketability.
A technology solution that is helpful to any business are mobile applications because for small businesses, it is difficult to be away from the office and be able to share data successfully. Based on studies, 94% of small business owners have a belief that mobile devices help them gain efficiency. The most popular device are smartphones that is used by business owners and there is an increasing number of tablet users. There are free applications that helps in the organization of users in numerous devices that allows them to take notes and save web pages. If a business owner is away and wants to receive payment, there are mobile payment apps that can be installed in smartphones to accept credit card payments while moving (Wirthman, 2013).
Another solution that is ideal for any business is the on-demand cloud storage solutions because they are crucial to any small business. The cloud storage has shifted everything and it is widely used by small businesses worldwide. This is because the cloud lets businesses to keep, restore and backup data. Additionally, they can improve prod

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