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Project Risk (Essay Sample)

Project Risk Risk is often described as the event that "might" happen during the course of a project. Explain how risk has impacted a project that you have been associated with as a team member or project leader. Provide at least two examples where surprise events impacted the project, and how the issue was resolved. Comment on the importance of risk to the overall schedule, and if there were any lessons learned in terms of identifying the risk in the future. You may use a home improvement project or charity project as an example. Submit a 2-3 page, APA-style paper. References Barkley, B. (2006). Integrated project management. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. source..
Project risk Name: Institution: Course: Course Instructor: Date Due: Risk management In the current word there has been increasing project failure rate. This reduces the trust of funders of the project and also the members of the community under the scope of the project, Persson (2010). This is due to unpreparedness by managers to reduce the effect of uncertainties in the process of implementing the given project. This may increase the cost of implementing the project and also increase the time taken to complete the project, Barkley (2006). Risk analysis, mapping and measurement techniques are important tools for project managers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in management of projects, Palliyaguru, Amaratunga and Haigh (2010). As a manager in water projects, the following risks happened in our project. This made the company to improve its project analysis and planning in order to reduce the impacts of risk or bring them to minimal level. The following risks were part of our challenges to implement water projects: Workers strike Workers strike in various projects happen for different reasons ranging from poor salaries, poor working conditions, and mistreatment among others. In our case the workers strike was geared by workers ...
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