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Project Proposal Business & Marketing Essay Research (Essay Sample)


You are the Project Manager for SOTA Technology.
Your R&D people believe they have come up with an affordable technology that will triple the capacity of memory and processor speed in all smartphones (even iPhones).
There is nothing else in the industry that equals this technology....yet.
This skunkworks project is code named: BYFM (Blow Your Freakin Mind)
In 500 words or more:
Identify the kind of project management structure you would recommend for the BYFM project? Why?
What information do you need to make this recommendation and why?
What organizational culture dynamics do you think you may encounter?


Project Management Structure: SOTA Technology
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Project Management Structure: SOTA Technology
The Project Manager and R&D team of SOTA Technology believe that they have come up with a technology that is affordable, and will help in tripling the memory capacity and processor speed in all smartphones, including iPhones. Currently, there is nothing else in the market which equals this technology. The skunk works project is coded BYFM (Blow Your Freakin Mind. Given the opportunity to recommend the most appropriate project management structure, the project-oriented organization structure would be the ideal choice due to its being organized.
Identify the kind of project management structure you would recommend for the BYFM project? Why?
There are three main types of organizational structures; functional organizational structure, matrix organizational structure, and project-oriented organizational structure (Gemьnden, Lehner, & Kock, 2018). The main difference between the three is the extent to which the project manager has authority in making decisions and implementing strategies during the project process. In this case, the project-oriented organizational structure would be the most ideal to ensure the success of the project.

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