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Post Award Phase (Essay Sample)


This is a Procurement and Contract management course
Post Award Phase 
Taking into considerations the RFP, carnival services that I have selected. Answer the following questions in detail. Submit this assignment as one comprehensive MS Word document of no less than 200 words.
1. As a possible result of changes in buyer’s or seller’s needs, what change management process would you consider putting in place if this were a real bid that you won? How would you document change?
2.Disputes are likely to occur along the way. What dispute resolution process would you put into place and how 
would you handle disputes
I've attached documents of previous assignments of my RFP (Carnival Services) just in case it's needed. Thank you


Post Award Phase
Course Title:
Post Award Phase
Question #1
Changes are inevitable in any form of a contract. In case there are any changes to Spokane County, carnival services contract, the first step is for Lucky Entertainment to immediately contact the project investigator (PI). The company would then initiate negotiations in consultation with the PI in regard to the changes for the benefit of all stakeholders. Important to note here is that care will be taken to ensure that any changes to the contract are in line with procurement policy, existing legislation and financial delegation levels (PMMS, nd). To better record such changes, a proper contract file that is easily accessible will be maintained. In addition, contract management software will be used so as to ensure that the company has a soft copy that can be easily updated and which can be accessed by all stakeholders at any point in time.
Question #2
There are various approaches available to Lucky Entertainment for handling disputes. Despite this, the company recommended approach is to negotiate with the County. Negotiation allows the parties to a contract to reach a solution that is mutually acceptable (PMMS, nd). Such a solution ensures that the parties to the contract have gained the highest possible results in such a situation. Undue pressure on any party may worsen the dispute or even worse make it a ticking time bomb. Still, there are other approaches that the company may res...
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