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Personal Negotiation Paper (Essay Sample)

I. Personal Negotiation Paper This should be a situation in which you have planned to engage in negotiation. The substance of the negotiation may be anything -- a purchase, something related to a job or employment search, relations with peers, co-workers, or family members, etc. In conducting the personal negotiation, the following rules apply: - This should be a new negotiation - You should articulate and write down a negotiation strategy beforehand, including the major elements of strategy we discuss in this course. Participants are required to submit a written paper summarizing the live negotiation experience. Your real world negotiation paper should be ~6 typed pages (no longer than 7 pages) double-spaced, Times 12 point font, 1 inch margins. Note that the key is to focus on an analysis and synthesis rather than a description of the negotiation. You should critically analyze what occurred in the negotiation and integrate concepts as well as offer your insights, lessons-learned, etc. Paper Content: - Brief summary of the situation: ~1 page o Briefly describe the situation o Briefly discuss what you negotiated for and with whom (identify the parties of the negotiation) - Summarize your planning for the negotiation: ~1 page o Describe how you prepared for the negotiation. Give details of:  What did you expect? Goals / Targets.  BATNA: Did you quantify? Justify.  Reservation prices: Did you quantify? Justify.  Aspiration prices: Did you quantify? Justify.  Your strategy: Distributive / Integrative? Justify. - Summarize the exchange: ~1 page o Provide an overview of key events during the negotiation - Analysis of the situation: 1-2 pages o Did the interaction go as you planned? o Who controlled the interaction? How? o What were the critical factors that affected the negotiation situation and outcomes? o What strategies and tactics did you use in this negotiation? o How do you feel about your strategy and tactics? Were they effective? Which strategies and tactics worked, which didn't? o How did the other party react to your negotiation strategy and tactics? o What would you have done differently? What should you have thought of or prepared for that you didn't? o What surprised you about your behavior or the behavior of others? - Synthesis and Reflection: 1-2 pages o Include an assessment of how course material would explain the process and outcome as compared to your predictions (identify relevant course concepts). o What did you learn about yourself and others from the experience? o What did you learn about negotiation or conflict from this situation? o Consider the strategies employed. What would you do the same or differently in the future, or how would you like to behave in order to perform more effectively? source..
Personal Negotiation Paper
Course title:
Personal Negotiation Paper
The negotiation over salary increment at the workplace is one thing I had never thought myself getting into. I enjoyed my job and it was pleasure working with everyone else at the company. I had worked with the organization for over three years and had never thought of looking for another job in a different company. I knew that the company’s revenue and profits has been increasing steadily for the past one and a half years mainly because one of the company’s biggest rivals had collapsed due to poor performance and corruption related incidences. This closure was a blessing for my employer, since the number of customers increased and this translated into increased revenue.
I have always thought that the salaries of employees in any company need to be commensurate with the labor they provided, but this was not the case in my situation. As the company was making more and more money due to the increased client base, my workload kept increasing yet my income remained the same ever since I joined the company. I realized after consulting with my fellow workers from my department and also from other departments, that nearly ninety percent of them had received pay hikes. One employee in particular who works in the human resources (HR) department informed me that the company’s leadership six months earlier decided to raise by 15% the salaries of its managers, executives and senior staff members who made up twenty percent of the company’s workforce. He added that three months later, some middle level employees also received pay hikes. This revelation was surprising to me since I had been loyal with the company for over three years yet my salary had never been raised. Therefore, I decided to negotiate a pay hike with main reasons being increased workload and difficult economic conditions. The parties of the negotiation included the HR manager of the company...
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