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Personal and Family Code of Ethics: Key Roles, Strategies (Essay Sample)


This assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a code of ethics for you and your family, as well as to explain
the strategies and thought processes that went into developing the code. First, create an original code of ethics for your
family by thinking about your family as an organization. In your code of ethics, please include the following items:
 guiding principles,
 purpose of the code,
 core values,
 training and education (How will you train and educate others about the code?),
 definitions,
 who it covers,
 mission statement, and
 other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive code of ethics.
In the process of writing your code, you must research the topic of codes of ethics and incorporate at least two articles, no
older than five years.
There should be no more than a 20% match on SafeAssign when submitting it on Blackboard. (Plagiarism). Sources must be in APA format as well.


Personal Code of Ethics
Author Name
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For me, my siblings and parents, the codes of ethics are an excellent way to differentiate between right and wrong. As a family, we believe in seeking help from the religious books when it comes to uncertain situations. We tend to determine our day-to-day emotions, actions or activities based on the lessons we have learned from those books. My dad, being the head of our family, has taught us to always put the family first (Maras, 2016). We remain busy in our works and hardly get time for one another. However, on weekends, we make sure that all the moments are spent with the siblings and parents, inside the house. To anyone who may join our family, it is important to learn this code of ethics (putting the family first); without it, we consider our survival and success impossible.

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