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Incorporating Education, training and Personal Development in an organization (Essay Sample)


Continuing from the previous writing assignment: Please write 5 pages on the subject of professional communications. Include a business proposal to the Board of Directors on how to add education, training, and personal/professional development in an organization to improve Professional Communication. The organization can be an organization you currently work for or one that piques your interest. Locate scholarly, recent, relevant, and external sources to synthesize your thoughts within the proposal. Please include ethical and multicultural implications in your discussion. Make sure the first page of your paper (after the title page) provides an executive summary. Include a title page and reference section. Page count does not include either the title page, executive summary, reference page, or appendices (if applicable) If you use charts, graphs, or tables, include those as Appendices. Your paper should be in APA style citing references as appropriate. Use at least 5 with at least 3 references from journal articles.


Incorporating Education, training and Personal Development in an organization
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Incorporating Education, training and Personal Development in an organization
Executive Summary
According to Lukazewski (2006) "the greatest continuing area of weakness in management practice is the human dimension. In good times or bad, there seems to be little real understanding of the relationships between managers, among employees, and interactions between the two. when there are problems, everyone acknowledges that the cause often is a communication problem. So now what?" To answer Lukazewski question, to improve professional communications, the professionals need to be trained and given the opportunities to develop themselves in the organization.
Professional communication has been defined as the interactions and communications among the members of the organization. It may be internal or external which is being referred to as internal public relations (Kennan & Hazleton, 2006). According to Deetz (2001) there are two ways of approaching organizational communication. First, as a "phenomenon that exists in organizations," Second, as a "way to describe and explain organizations." Therefore, communication is the central process through which professionals share information, create organizational cultures and values, and create relationships. This process of communication is a combination of human beings, practices, messages, meanings, and purposes and is the foundation of organizations.
In the proposal, the importance of effective communication and how education, training and personal development can be incorporated will be discussed as well. The paper will conclude with some of the principles of effective communication that should be observed by all professionals.
Professional development has been recognized as a universal strategic tool for the continuing growth of organizations. It has also been linked to increased productivity and ability of organizations to retain valuable professionals. Aligning the careers goals of the employees with organizational strategic goals does not only help the organization in achieving its objectives but also engages the professionals. The rewards of educating and training the employees maybe huge but it does not solely depend on the employers, the professionals should participate in their own training as well. Therefore, employers need to embrace educating, training and enhancing personal development of their employees to improve communications in the organization.
creating a personal development path for professionals within the organization allows the organization to address training gaps in the company. If the gaps are addressed properly, the employees will gain enough knowledge that will enable them to improve the processes of the organization, communication included. The professionals within the organization will feel more engaged when their employers are concerned about both the objectives of the organization and their well-being by creating a path to achieve their individual career goals. Personal development has a direct and positive impact on the organization by "improving morale, career satisfaction, motivation, productivity and responsiveness in meeting departmental and organizational objectives."
Personal development path creates mechanisms through which the professionals use to enhance the skills to enable them master their responsibilities and professional development as well. The overall results will be improved processes in the workplace. Therefore, when creating an education, training and personal development plan for the employees in organizations, their needs should be considered all through. The following are the steps that can be used to incorporate education, training, and personal development of employees in organi...
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