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Organizations & External Environments (Essay Sample)

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Organizations and External Environment Name: Institution: Organization and External Environment Assignment 1: Is there one best way to Organize? Following high demand for quality and timely organizational products and services, Donaldson (1987) revealed that organizational management should develop proper and effective management plans that operate towards the objectives of the organization. In the process of developing these strategies and policies of the organization, organizations must ensure that they study all theories and the six models of organization to come up with better ways to organize (Hickson et al, 1971). According to Lewis et al (2002), managers are unable to avoid the applications of these theories and models through their process to organize their organizations. Therefore, because all the models and theories of management are the foundations towards effective organization, it is clear that there exists no one way to organize, as these models must work collectively despite their operations within different stages and organizational department. Classical Bureaucracy is one of the models that Lawrence and Lorsch (1967) found out that organizations could not avoid while organizing their firms. Through classical bureaucracy, managers are able to develop an effective structure of the organization that clearly contains job descriptions, controls, rules and regulations of the organization. It is also important for the organization to develop static classical bureaucracy in order to create stable functions of the organizational activities and operation of members of the organization (Perrow, 1967). The importance of creating a static classical bureaucracy is to avoid continuous changing of the functions of the organization, which help to avoid confusion and heavy workload to top officials of the organization. The second model proposed by Lawrence and Lorsch (1967) is a model that creates an environment that allows moderate changes within the organization. However, these changes should not affect the normal plan and operations of the organizational activities. An organization is compost of pseudo teams, professionals who deal with various minor issues within the organization. Therefore, this model operates under the control of the first and the second model because any change within the organization does not affect the structure, rules and functions of the organization (Sine et al, 2006). Based on the requirement and operation of the first, second and third models, third module only operate when issues affecting the organization are fewer but managers must ensure they respect functions of other models. The fourth model is the matrix organization that deals with provision of equal priorities to...
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