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Organizational Retention And Motivation Action Plan (Essay Sample)


Proposal for an Organizational Retention and Motivation Action Plan
A frequent issue that organizations suffer from in current workplace environments is retaining employees and determining effective ways to motivate employees. For this assignment, you will act as a consultant that was hired by organization ABC (of your choice). As a consultant who retains an extensive background in Organizational Behavior, you have been tasked by the contracting organization to develop a proposal for organizational retention and motivation action plan due to the high attrition rates and declining motivation currently occurring at the organization.
Please be certain to address the following;
Organizational behavior issues that impact retention
Organizational behavior issues that impact motivation
Detailed suggestions to overcome high attrition
Detailed suggestions to overcome low motivation
Identification of how beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions will impact this plan overall
Identification of how personalities, neuroscience, diversity, gender, generational impact, and corporate culture will impact this plan overall
How the plan will be communicated within or the organization
Detailed suggestions on how to implement change, such as implementing the proposed organizational retention and motivation action plan


Organizational Retention and Motivation Action Plan
Institutional Affiliation
Organizational Retention and Motivation Action Plan
One of the main assets that every organization looking to succeed should have is a motivated and committed workforce. The workforce acts as the driver of the organization, effectively ensuring that the organization is consistently moving in the direction it should and towards its goals. At the same time, two main impediments that hinder the optimal performance of organizations are high employee attrition and a de-motivated workforce. It is important that every organization works to overcome these impediments on a regular basis.
While CleanEats is a relatively successful medium size grocery store specializing in providing fresh, organic, and high-quality products, it is struggling to keep up with its competition as well as to maintain a motivated and committed workforce. Struggling with high attrition rates and low motivation, CleanEats needs a complete transformation of its organizational behavior, culture, and structures in order to motivate its employees and reduce attrition. This paper seeks to highlight some of the measures that CleanEats should implement as an action plan in order to overcome said problems.
Organizational Behavior Issues Impacting Employee Retention and Motivation
A number of issues tend to affect employee motivation in the workplace, and low motivation inevitably contributes to high employee attrition within the organization. Some of the issues that tend to contribute towards a low level of motivation for employees include excessively negative criticisms and badmouthing, inability to enjoy work, poor inter-employee relations structures, as well as poor wages and benefits (Allen & Bryant, 2012; Latham, 2012). These factors affect how employees interact with one another as well as how they interact with other employees and management staff. For instance, an organizational culture that limits employees from enjoying their work greatly demotivates said employees. It fosters the perception that work is an unpleasant mandatory duty that must be completed at whatever cost. Such conditions can easily stress out workers, making them work under highly strenuous conditions that do little to foster creativity and enjoyment, especially as far as organizations such as CleanEats are concerned. They detach personal initiative and interest from the work being done, which only further demotivates employees (Griffin & Moorehead, 2012). It is essential that employees are provided with an enabling environment that not only supports collaborative efforts and works enjoyment but also enables employees to work in a relaxed state of mind. Such an environment, if developed at CleanEats, is likely to improve employees' motivation and performance, and, in turn, customer satisfaction.
Other issues such as condoned disrespectful behavior, inability to follow rules, special treatment of some employees, and the absence of team-building activities grossly contribute to employee attrition. For any organization to function effectively, it is important that the employees work together towards a common goal. In order for this to happen, employees need to have active work bonds between themselves, which prompt them to work collaboratively and efficiently (Carsen, 2002). In essence, it is vital for employees to feel that they are a part of the team and that the team not only has their best interests at heart but also those of the organization. Such a workplace environment provides employees with a sense of belonging and identity insofar as the organization is concerned, effectively creating a workplace family for all employees. When such an environment is non-existent, many employees feel isolated, and this inabili...

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