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Organizational Behavior & Leadership (Essay Sample)

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Organizational Behavior & Leadership Name: Course: Professor Name: (August 11, 2012) .  Organizational Behavior & Leadership Performance evaluation identifies with performance appraisals (PA). It is a periodic and systematic process that is used to assess the job performances on the individual employees concerning productivity according to a preset organizational objectives and criteria (Robbins & Judge, 2007). The areas of considerations identifies with future improvement potential, organizational citizenship behavior, task accomplishments, weaknesses and strong points among other aspects (DelPo, 2012). Performance evaluation data is collected with judgmental evaluation, personnel evaluations and objective production evaluation. Considering this case study, it has been noted that the engineer had previous exposure with the aerospace industry. He is considered detail oriented, bright and hardworking. The engineer is task oriented considering that he made vital changes to the middle sized manufacturing company that led to massive savings in costs resonating with energy and safety hazards. Despite the current developments, it has been noted that the engineer is resented by the fellow co-workers. The engineer is not ready to be evaluated citing little confidence with the company’s system of approaching the evaluation processes. He argues that rating scales are defective focusing on relationships and personal traits (Robbins & Judge, 2007). The manager has been considering putting in place the 360 degree evaluation plan, but he is doubtful whether the stubborn engineer will accept. The engineer at most times pays less attention to the manager when he is addressing the coworkers. The 360 degree feedback identifies with multi-rater feedback, multi source assessment and multi source feedback. This model incorporates the feedback particularly from the members of the employees. This means that the manager considers the direct feedback from the teams w...
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