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Organization WK2 Disc 2: Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions (Essay Sample)


With this discussion we will look at how an understanding of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions can support effective organizational management. You may draw from what you have learned from the readings, your own research, or your own personal experiences. Prior to participating in the discussion be certain you have read the chapter, viewed the course materials, and are ready to be an informed participant.
Let us explore how understanding Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions regarding culturally shared work-place values may impact decision-making.
For example, in what ways do the five dimensions affect:
value-based decisions in international organizations?
organizations that contract goods and services internationally?
how cross-cultural managers interact, motivate, and evaluate employees?


Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
Date of submission
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
Hofstede's cultural dimension encompasses a framework of cross-cultural communication designed by Geert Hofstede. The different dimensions regarding cultural aspects as portrayed in the framework collectively reveal a positive value in the society or at an enterprise as well as elaborating on the behaviors and values based on factor analysis. Therefore, the theory enumerates the various aspects of culture and provides the rating of such aspects by comparison. In the current world of business, cultural diversity is critical. Therefore, the management of a given enterprise has to perfectly integrate the various business facets as viewed in the different cultures in order to operate successfully at the global level. Managers at the international level normally embrace the Hofstede's five cultural dimensions to training employees on appropriate means of taking actions, evaluation of different approaches in business, decision making as well as evaluating the general sense of how people from a different culture may react. Therefore, Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions based on culturally shared values have impacts on the organization's decision making.
Hofstede’s cultural theory usually has six dimensions namely the power distance index, individual versus collectivism dimension, masculinity versus femininity, uncertainty avoidance index, and long term versus short term orientation. These dimensions affect value based decision making, successful contraction of products and services and the management of personnel in terms of motivation, evaluation, and interaction (Taras, Kirkman & Steel, 2010). One particular aspect that is embraced in an interna...
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