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Organization Discussion: Activities In The Work Place (Essay Sample)


With this discussion we will look at how culture impacts the success or failure of a company. You may draw from what you have learned from the readings, your own research, or your personal experience. Prior to participating in the discussion be certain you have read the chapter, The Strength of Corporate Culture and the Reliability of Firm Performance, have viewed the course materials, and are ready to be an informed participant.
Read: The Strength of Corporate Culture and the Reliability of Firm Performance PDFPreview the documentView in a new window
Respond: What is the impact of Organizational Culture on a company's success or failure? Provide examples where appropriate.


Organization Discussion
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In the world of business, every organization has their culture that determines the manner in which they run activities in the work place. Such culture can sometimes be difficult to change regardless of the impact that it brings to the organization. Organizational culture has different impacts on an organization and can lead to the organizations failure or success.
In regard to organizational success, the organizational culture brings about an impact that is aimed at the motivation of employees which, in turn, end up achieving the organizational goals and hence its success (Sørensen, 2002). As well, the culture can play a substantial part in the case of the decision-making process, and, as a result, th

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