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New Ideas Research Assignment Paper: The Bark and Brew (Essay Sample)


A friend recently approached you with a new business idea he/she wants to open. Knowing that you are working on your MBA, this friend has asked for your assistance with trying to figure out who might be willing to shop at the new business.
The Bark and Brew is a coffee/tea shop similar to a Starbucks. However, there is a twist to this shop, pets (specifically dogs) are welcome. The plan is to carry products that will cater to dogs as well as humans, including drinks and snacks. The intent is not to complete with pet stores but to compete with coffee shops.
A. Develop a target market for the project. Make sure to address at least three market segmentation variables that would be important to consider and how you arrived at the target market you are suggesting for the project. 1 Page.
B. Develop a customer retention program for your friend to implement. Discuss the concept of customer orientation and the importance of a customer retention program and what factors should be considered for this business. Identify the type of information the company needs to design this program and from where the company will obtain the information.1 page
C. Marketing strategy focuses on solving problems. Many of the problems originate from specific needs. Identifying the appropriate needs assists in the product differentiation process, as well identify the Primary Needs and Secondary Needs this product will satisfy. How will this be used in the product differentiation, positioning of the product and the impact when the consumer buying process? one page
please insure that their is 1 page per question


Institution of Affiliation
Target Market
The Bark and Brew is a coffee/tea shop which should be located on the outskirts of ‘X' City, a leafy suburban area next to ‘A' leisure park. This coffee shop should be a one of a kind for it will be offering the best-brewed coffee and flavored tea to its esteemed customers. There is a plus for this shop for it will be rendering exclusive services to customers who own dogs. Our well-trained personnel and state of the art equipped business will be offering dog chews, biscuits, dog treats and other snacks at a cut price. The target market is all round: the young, middle-aged and the elderly. Most people love pets, and we do not have to restrain them somewhere outside as our dear customers enjoy our properly brewed coffee. What will the dogs be doing? Sit there and watch? No! There will be well-trained personnel and excellent outdoor facilities exclusively set for pet recreation such as playing with snacks, bone-games among others as their owners comfortably relax and savor the best brew caffeine in the city CITATION Kot06 \l 1033 (Kotler, Bowen, & Makens, 2006).
The Bark and Brew shop is close proximity from ‘A' leisure park where both suburban residents and city workers would quickly stop by. People leave the park exhausted as ever and would like to reenergize their brains, and The B&B is the perfect place to stop. Many residents own pets, especially dogs. There are approximately four pet stores within a ten-kilometer radius of the suburb. Most residents who own dogs can be seen through the window taking their pets for leisure walks, elderly individuals walking the busy streets clasping the straps as they guide or are guided by the dogs home. Young and middle aged people also walk towards the dingy joints with their fluffy puppies as they look out to explore and meet new people CITATION Lyn11 \l 1033 (Lynn, 2011).
Customer Retention
Customer orientation is mostly based on customer-relations with the staff whereby the focus is on satisfying the customer’s needs on a long-term basis. The shop will offer a consistent customer experience where its services, rather than fading in quality, will be on the increase of satisfaction for our valued customersCITATION Mar07 \l 1033 (Martin, 2007). The B&B Shop lays its focus on a greater percentage of the people who are either dating, unengaged, widowed or elderly. The business will give a better opportunity for these individual...
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