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Community, Service, and Leadership in Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen Essay (Essay Sample)


REFLECTIVE ESSAY: At the end of the course students will submit (and orally discuss) a reflective essay, not to exceed ten pages double space typed, on the meanings of community, service, and leadership in the context of the organization where the student worked. The essay should include the mission of the organization, a brief description of its structure and its history of operation, individuals in the organization the student worked with and their positions. The paper should also draw on all the resources from the course to address the following issues:
• PROFILE - Create a summary profile of the focal organization that includes the founding date, origins, history, culture, geography, statistical and demographic description, population, environment and industry, structure and organizational form, and key stakeholders. Determine its core vision and mission. If permitted include with this photograph(s) of the organization and you during your volunteering engagement. Bottom line: “Why does this organization exist?”
• ANALYSIS – Describe organizational leader(s) in that organization. Utilize course topics identify their: traits and characteristics; charisma and motivational approaches; behaviors and attitudes; ethics and values, flexibility and situational adaptiveness, power and influence, teamwork and coaching, creativity and innovation. Determine a particular leader’s impact on the organizational design and culture and how they functioned within that context. Include unique and interesting features that enhanced or inhibited leadership effectiveness. Note sources of tension and differing values held by this leader and others as they shape their organization and execute its mission. Bottom line: “Does its leader(s) demonstrate effective leadership principles and practice?”
• DEVELOPMENT – Propose and begin to implement a plan, based in leadership approaches and principles discussed in class, to contribute to the organization considering their current as well as changing culture and environment. Leaders must have appropriate internal grounding and external linkages – the plan should consider both of these arenas. Students must learn how to negotiate and address issues of change, pressures on sustainable initiatives and the use of quick fixes versus long-term strategies – the plan should consider both of these time frames. Bottom line: “How would you lead this organization to greater success?”
!!!: In the Church, I serve food for the homeless and those people who has little income . If there is any problem you need to contact, please contact me with text or email. I do not check the web a lot. Thank you. BTW, the church I serve is "Holly Soup kitchen", in NY.


Meanings of Community, Service, and Leadership in Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen
Student’s Name
Meanings of Community, Service, and Leadership in Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen
Serving the community is important as it helps not only the community but also the individuals providing the services. While working at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, I gained a lot of insights on what it means to be part of a community, and what service and leadership entail. Through this paper, I will briefly discuss why Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen was founded, its history, mission, and leadership. I will also provide an analysis of the organization’s leadership principles and practices and how they have influenced the success of the organization. Finally, I will propose a leadership plan that can facilitate the success of the organization even further.
Organization’s Profile
Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen (HASK) is part of the Church of the Holy Apostles, based in New York. It is a community organization responsible for feeding the poor and the homeless. It was founded in 1982 and has grown to provide the largest feeding program in New York City (HASK, 2019). Every weekday, HASK provides over 1,000 meals and also provides social services support for people in need of jobs, housing, and health services. HASK has a long history of serving the homeless and the poor since its inception by Father Rand Frew, and over the years, it has served the community after the 9/11 attacks, during power outages, storms, and even Hurricane Sandy (HASK, 2019). The organization is characterized by a culture of hospitality and nourishment of the body and the soul. 

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